University Housing Recent Communications

Fall 2021

Email to all residents - 12/16/21
Dear Panthers,

We hope that you have had a great first semester and would love to hear your feedback about living in the residence halls and how we can improve here:

If you are looking for places to study in the residence halls, consider the following options:

  • Sandburg Locations
    • Flicks (silent study location)
    • C196/Panther Activities Lounge (semi-quiet social/study location)
    • C155/Academic Resource Room (computers available)
    • C208 (computers available)
    • Channel (Semi-quiet)
    • Café/Palms
  • Cambridge Locations
    • CC171 (silent study location)
    • CC158/Academic Resource Room (semi-quiet)
    • Link lounges (semi-quiet)
    • Computer lab
    • Café
  • Purin
    • 3rd floor lounge (semi-quiet)

Related to your actions, it is important to remember that the residence halls are an academically-focused environment, and that is especially true during finals! 24/7 Quiet Hours are currently in effect, and there will be no warnings given for noise violations. All other policies continue to be in effect. Residents and guests will go through the behavior process if they do not follow residence hall rules & regulations, and all guests will be escorted out and banned for the remainder of the semester. If there are questions about policy or previous behavior sanctions, you can contact

Make sure that you are prepared for winter recess by watching the below video that explains what to do if you are terminating your contract, or if you are just leaving for winter recess and will be back for the spring semester!

Before You Leave for Winter Recess:

All University Housing facilities are open over winter recess and you are welcome to stay on campus. The following are reminders if you’re traveling over winter recess. If you are terminating your contract and moving out permanently, follow the instructions posted on your suite door or contact University Housing for assistance.

Mail & Packages
  • Check your mailbox, retrieve any packages from the mailroom, and update your forwarding address and any online order accounts like Amazon with your non-UWM address.
  • Email if you need assistance.
Bathroom Cleaning
  • Make sure your bathroom is cleared for cleaning.
  • Fill out this form if your entire suite/apartment will be gone during winter recess so that we can come and clean your restroom between 6:30-8 AM.
  • Fill out this form if do not want your bathroom cleaned by Facilities.
  • Fill out this form if you would like Facilities to clean your bathroom early, on Thursday or Friday of this week.
  • Close and latch your windows.
  • Sandburg North/South/West: You can see how to properly latch your tower’s windows here.
  • Lock your room and suite/apartment door.
  • Housing staff will be checking to ensure all suites/apartments are locked over break.
Spring Course Enrollment – Enroll by January 1!
  • In order to remain eligible to reside in University Housing, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits by January 1. Open enrollment for all students eligible to enroll started on December 4th. We highly encourage you to start finalizing your spring course schedule in PAWS today. If you have not recently checked your PAWS account, we encourage you to do so, to ensure you are taking care of any potential hold or outstanding balances.
  • University Housing will check your enrollment status on January 3, 2022. If you are not enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits, you risk being evicted from University Housing, requiring you to move out over winter recess.

If you have questions about winter recess or spring semester, please contact your Resident Assistant, Residence Life Coordinator, or the University Housing Office.

Good luck on your finals!

University Housing

Email to Panther Families - 11/23/21
Dear Families,

Did you know that the enrollment period for Spring 2022 classes is just around the corner? In order to register for spring courses, students must have a balance of $1500 or less on their PAWS account. In general, fall payment plans were due in full on November 5, 2021. With the fall break approaching, now is a good time to discuss with your student if there are any past due balances posted in PAWS and what are their spring enrollment plans. Spring priority enrollment opened on November 15 and open enrollment starts on December 4. University Housing does expect all contract holders to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits no later than January 1, per the terms of their housing contract.

If there is a significant balance still due in PAWS, we encourage your student to contact the Financial Aid office to discuss pending aid, applying for additional aid, or obtaining additional resources. Financial Aid can be reached at (414) 229-4541.

We want to see all students return to UWM and University Housing for the Spring 2022 semester. If you have questions, need help, or are looking for guidance, please contact our office at (414) 229-4065.  Our office will be open during the holiday break as follows:

  • Mon. November 22: 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Tue. November 23: 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Wed. November 24: 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Thu. November 25: CLOSED
  • Fri. November 26: 7:45am – 1:00pm

If your student does not intend to be a UWM student for the spring 2022 semester and is no longer planning to reside in University Housing, please have them visit the University Housing Office if they have any questions regarding the contract termination process. Our office is located in Sandburg Hall, room C100.

Residents wishing to terminate their contract at semester should submit the Contract Termination Request Form by Wednesday, December 1. If a student is not returning for the spring 2022 semester, the last day to reside in University Housing is no later than noon on December 23, 2021.

Please contact University Housing if you have specific questions related to your housing contract at 414-229-4065 or

University Housing

Email to all residents - 11/19/21
Hello Panthers,

Below are a few friendly reminders to help you plan ahead for the coming Spring semester.

Spring Enrollment

Spring priority enrollment appointments started this past Monday, November 15th, and will go through December 3rd. Open enrollment starts December 4th. We hope you have taken time to review the course schedule and meet with your academic advisor to plan the best course schedule for you. If you are unsure of your enrollment appointment date, please check your PAWS account for details.

Account Balances and Holds

In order to register for spring courses, students cannot have a balance over $1500 or holds on their PAWS account. Fall payment plans were due in full on November 5th. With fall break approaching, now is a great time to review your PAWS account and take any necessary action so you can enroll in spring courses.

Housing Eligibility

With these items in mind we would like to remind you that in order to remain eligible to live on campus, you must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours or be otherwise deemed eligible by the Director of University Housing by January 1, 2022.

University Housing will check your spring enrollment status on January 3, 2022. If you are not enrolled in at least six (6) credits for spring before this date, University Housing reserves the right to terminate your housing contract.

Contract Termination

If you will not be returning to UWM, or wish to request termination of your contract for the spring semester, you must request termination of your housing contract by submitting the online Contract Termination Request Form.

The priority deadline to request contract termination is December 1, 2021. Completing this step by that date gives you and the University Housing Staff time to prepare for the move-out process that will follow. Please note that all move-outs for students not returning in Spring must be complete by 12pm on December 23, 2021. Additional information on the winter move out process will be provided by University Housing and your RA. Winterization signage will also be posted on your suite door.

Students terminating their contracts are strongly encouraged to review the Termination section of their Contract Guidebook and the Termination Checklist online.

Click the button below to request termination.

Request Contract Termination Here

Moving Out

If you are terminating your contract and moving out completely, you have until 12pm on December 23, 2021, to vacate your room. Kenilworth residents have until 12pm on December 31, 2021. Students moving out should review the Termination Checklist for additional information about moving out.

For those not terminating, University Housing does not close over break periods. You may remain on campus during the break. Please be aware that services, such as Dining, may be limited during break periods.

Room Changes

If you are wishing to change rooms for the spring semester, you are encouraged to enter your Room Change Request as soon as possible. There will be a room freeze in effect from December 21, 2021, to February 6, 2022.

Vacant Rooms and Beds

If there are any vacant bedrooms within your suite or apartment, please be aware that University Housing reserves the right to assign new residents to these spaces at any time. Students should expect these spaces will be assigned to new residents over the winter break period.

Current residents wishing to request a specific roommate who will be a new contract holder for spring semester may do so by emailing Please provide their name and 9 digit ID number in your email. Requests must be submitted no later than December 31, 2021, to be considered.

If you have questions, you can call 414-229-4065 or email

Email to Sandburg residents - 11/16/21
Dear Sandburg Residents,

University Housing would like to provide you with another update and greater context on the East Tower and North Tower Laundry room project and issues that have arisen that impact our community.

Over the Summer of 2021, University Housing contracted a new laundry vendor. We anticipated getting new washing machines installed before the start of the fall semester. However, the new washing machines did not arrive until September due to supply chain issues. The new washers were installed upon arrival. Due to further shipment and supply chain issues with the computer system controllers that allow for payment processing, University Housing provided free laundry for all Sandburg residents. Residents received free laundry until October 25, 2021.

Sandburg residents currently have access to 23 North Tower and 10 East Tower washing machines. The East Tower laundry room has a reduced number of washing machines due to significant flooding issues. The East Tower laundry room will have a larger water pipe installed to address the issue. University Housing currently anticipates pipe installation will occur over winter break to ensure more washers will be available for the spring semester.

Moving forward, residents should review laundry room signage for more information. Signage includes laundry room updates and educational information, like avoiding overloading the machine or adding too much soap. We kindly ask that residents do not disturb signage or machine parts. University Housing will provide free laundry days for the spring semester (keep an eye out for that publicity when you return in January).

We apologize for the laundry room inconveniences and will continue to update our residents with progress.

University Housing

Email to Sandburg residents - 11/8/21
Dear Panthers,

We are excited to share that the Sandburg Fitness Center, located in C164, is now open!

The Sandburg Fitness Center has been closed since March 2020 when all University Housing facilities shut down due to COVID-19. University Housing’s facilities team recently cleaned the room and serviced the machines so that we can open it back up for general use.

The Sandburg Fitness Center is open from 6am to midnight daily, and is located between rooms C160 and C168, right next to The Grind on your way to East Tower. This space includes treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, and a variety of strength training equipment. Please feel free to utilize these within the policies and procedures of University Housing. Prior to using any equipment, be sure to read all applicable safety and waiver information posted on the wall.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Service Desk at (414) 229-6123.

Panther Pride!
University Housing

Email to all residents - 11/3/21
Good Afternoon Panthers,

We kindly remind you that it is expected that you carry your UWM ID (Panther Card) with you at all times, and your Panther Card is required for entry to all University Housing facilities.

University Housing staff verifies a resident’s identity through their Panther Card and the security GuestPass system. University Housing staff will not allow residents or unidentified individuals entry into our communities without proper identification. We encourage you to review your Resident Handbook.

Policy I1a states, “Residents have the responsibility to carry their UWM ID with them at all times and to show their ID to University Housing staff (including University Housing Shuttles) or university police as requested.”

If you have lost or misplaced your Panther Card, you can order your replacement card through the Panther Card Office (Union W198). The replacement cost is $20. If you are awaiting a replacement Panther Card, staff will use key factors to determine your identity and residency in our communities before allowing entry. You must obtain a replacement card as soon as possible or risk violation of University Housing policy I1a in the Resident Handbook.

University Housing does not accept the virtual ID card in your GET account for entry to University Housing facilities.

Thank you for working to keep our communities safe for all who live and work on campus.

University Housing

Email to all residents - 10/28/21
Dear Panthers,

Happy (almost) Halloween!

Please celebrate spooky season responsibly and read the following for a few important reminders from Residence Life staff:

Halloween Masking

Since Halloween is approaching, we want to remind residents that masks that cover over 50% of a person’s face are prohibited to be worn in the residence halls. We also are not permitting full faces of face paint due to the inability to identify a student. When walking into the residence halls you should take off your mask or face paint before coming to check-in. If you do come into the building with a mask or full face of face paint you will be asked to take it off due to our policy and the inability to identify you properly. With this, we also want to remind residents that per COVID-19 campus policies we are still requiring people to be wearing a mask covering their nose and mouth while entering our buildings.

Halloween Costume Fake Weapons

Housing staff would like to remind students that fake weapons such as guns, swords, knives, etc. are prohibited in the residence halls. We understand that students are dressing up for Halloween which may have one of these items as a part of their costume but want to inform our residents that those items are not allowed in the halls.

Halloween Events on Campus

Housing is hosting a few Halloween events in the next few days if you are interested in attending! Below is the information:

  • Haunted Downer Woods – Thursday, October 28 at 9:27 PM. Line up by the volleyball court outside of East Tower. Rain backup location: Flicks.
  • Flicks Movie (The Invisible Man) – Friday, October 29 and Saturday, October 30 at 7:30 PM and 9 PM. Halloween trivia will take place after each movie showing!

Cultural Appropriation with Costumes

In University Housing we want to create an inclusive environment for all. We ask that you take time to think about how the costume you choose could affect others. To learn about cultural appropriation related to costumes, please see our Helpful Guide to Cultural Appropriation. If you have any questions about this you can talk to a Residence Life professional.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact your RA or the RLC for your building and they’d be happy to help you out!

Panther Pride,
University Housing

Email to all residents - 10/23/21
Hello Panthers!

The temperature change has made it clear that fall has finally arrived. Here are a few fall-related facilities updates:

  • Laundry will return to pay status starting the morning of Monday, October 25, 2021. You will need to have GOLD dollars on your student ID to use laundry machines. The cost per load is $1.50 to wash and $1.25 to dry. The graphic below details important laundry reminders:
    Laundry Room Tips
  • East Tower Laundry will undergo a plumbing renovation project, requiring half of the laundry room to be offline to complete construction. Please follow the posted signage indicating which side of the laundry room is open.
  • If you have any facility issues within your room or suite, please alert the facilities team in a timely manner so our team can resolve the issue. You can submit a work order by visiting Staff members monitor the work order system daily.
  • With the arrival of lower temperatures, please ensure that your room windows are closed and latched. Heat will not work efficiently if windows are not closed properly. If you experience heat issues, please fill out a work order.
  • The large blue trash room bins are not for trash or waste. The blue bins are ONLY for recycling (glass, cans, plastic) as indicated by signage. Please dispose of pizza boxes and trash bags down the trash chute. Any cardboard should be flattened and placed in the cardboard location for your building.
  • Your safety is important to us. If you lose your room key, request a lock change at the Service Desk of your building. As a reminder, you should always lock your suite and room door.
  • North Upper Residents: The mechanical parts required to fix the water heater are still delayed. If you experience a loss of hot water, please notify the Sandburg Service Desk at 414-229-6123. Service Desk staff will contact maintenance staff and submit a work order. Shower suites remain available.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Panther Pride,
University Housing

Email to all residents - 10/14/21
Hey Panthers –

We know that coming to college and moving into the residence halls causes stress, excitement, and lots of questions! In order for our staff to best support you, we have a quick 12-question/2 minute survey for you to fill out about your experience so far.

Visit this link or click the button below to complete your survey.

Complete Your Survey

Questions are mostly multiple-choice, and are related to your classes, making friends, transition to college, RA, stress, and feeling welcome.

We encourage you to fill out this survey, as staff will use it to create events in the halls, offer resources, and follow up with students as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Heilgendorf at

Panther Pride,
University Housing

Email to all residents - 9/30/21
Dear University Housing Residents,

We hope you are settling into your space and succeeding in your classes! With the leaves starting to change and colder temperatures starting to indicate that Fall is truly here, we wanted to take a moment to give you an update from University Housing’s Facilities team on several areas, including laundry, lofts, temperature, trash & recycling, safety, and work orders:


  • The laundry room in Sandburg North Tower is up and running!
    • It is accessible via Floor NG2.
  • Please note that there is not currently an app available that shows which laundry machines are open for use.
    • As soon as an app becomes available we will send another update.
  • The laundry room in Sandburg East Tower will be going through a plumbing remodel.
    • We will fix one side of the laundry room at a time in order to ensure laundry remains available in East Tower.
    • Please pay close attention to signage indicating when we will close off specific sides of the laundry room to do the work.
    • When signs indicate that a side of the laundry room is out of order, please use the other side.


  • University Housing only sets up lofts at the beginning of the school year, and a fee is assessed for this service.
    • If you need help setting up or taking down a loft, please seek out a friend or be prepared to be assessed the service fee.
  • If you are requesting to have your loft removed from your space, you must have it disassembled prior to staff arrival so that it is ready to return to storage.
  • Maintenance staff will assist with lofts that are broken or missing any parts.


  • With colder temperatures approaching soon, please verify that your room/suite windows are latched shut. This is important because your room may be the one that controls the heat for surrounding suites. The temperature is zoned, so having one person with their window wide open can really throw off the temperature for several suites.
    • Leaving a window cracked open just a little can crack the window and lead to frozen pipes, causing significant damage to our community. This can be prevented by you taking an active role to ensure your windows are closed. Damages due to windows being kept open could be charged to the resident for repairs.
    • Another tip is to be sure that futons, blankets, and beds are pulled away from the heat register as much as possible and that items are not placed on top of them.
    • If your room is too hot or too cold, you can submit a work order at and maintenance can work to adjust the temperature.
  • Please note that University Housing’s air conditioning does not work if the outside temperature is below 60 degrees.
    • The AC cooling towers typically are turned off at the end of October, after which point there will be no air conditioning available, even if the temperature rises above 60 degrees.

Trash & Recycling

  • The blue bins in all trash rooms are for recycling only.
    • Please place only your recyclables in these blue bins, such as your cans and bottles.
  • All trash should only go down the trash chute.
    • To open the trash chute, turn the handle and pull forward.
    • Pizza boxes are considered trash and should not be recycled. Please place pizza boxes down the trash chute and not in the blue bins.


  • Please remember to lock your suite and room doors!
    • The best way to protect yourself and your belongings is to lock your doors.
    • If you have lost your room key, let us know right away via a work order, so our locksmith can provide a lock change. Lost key replacement charge is $75.

Work Orders

If you have any issues with your room or suite that need to be addressed, please submit a work order at

Questions? Email us at or call 414-229-4065!

Panther Pride,
University Housing Facilities

Email to all residents - 9/17/21
Hello University Housing Residents –

Thank you for your cooperation with the fall semester fire drills which were conducted on September 15, 2021. We wanted to follow up with some quick reminders to ensure we are evacuating as safely as possible. As a reminder, all alarms should be treated as a real alarm, and you should start the evacuation process.

In the event of an alarm, you should exit via the closest exit. While each building has at least 2 exit routes and you can use either, the preferred exit routes (if able to be safely taken) are:

  • North Tower — Go through the Emergency Exit on the first floor by the Residence Life Coordinator N120 office, and follow the red arrows across the patio, down through the parking garage, and to the grassy area up the hill by Klotsche.
  • South Tower — Go down the stairwell near the elevators, exit out of the emergency exit by South Office-120, and go to the grassy area by Chapman Hall.
  • East Tower — Go down the stairwell nearest the elevators, exit through both stairwells on the lower level and vacate out through the parking garage, and proceed to the grassy area up the hill by Klotsche.
  • West Tower — Go down the stairwell nearest the elevators, cross through the 2nd floor lounge, go down through the UWMPD station, and go down Maryland Avenue to the orchard boarding Downer Woods.
  • Sandburg Commons — Exit out through the main entrance and go all the way to Sandburg Lawn towards Chapman Hall.
  • Purin Hall — Exit through the main entrance, cross Downer and go to the grassy area on Mitchell Lawn.
  • Cambridge Commons — Go down any stairwell and through the main entrance or North/South Stairwells and head to the bridge. Make sure not to stay in front of Cambridge since the fire department will be entering.
  • Kenilworth Square Apartments — Go down any stairwell and exit to the trail behind the building or cross Kenilworth Place and stage in front of the building nearest Ma Fischer’s or Ax Bar.

After exiting the building, you are required to move at least 50 feet away from the building to ensure your safety and allow space for fire and police. Remain at the evacuation location until an “All Clear” is given and staff instruct you to return. You will need to return via the main entrance, not the exit you evacuated from.

If you need medical assistance during an evacuation, please ensure you have a medical accommodation on file. You can apply for accommodation at If you are uncertain of your current accommodation status, please email

If you are in quarantine or isolation during a fire alarm, you are required to exit the building. During evacuation wear a mask, limit what you touch, and practice social distancing as much as possible. If you require an elevator to return to your room, please remain outside until most of the crowd has cleared so you can use the elevator while limiting exposure for others. If the alarm occurs during winter periods, please inform staff of your situation so we can help stage your return to your room in a timely manner with a wait location indoors, so you are not exposed to the elements for prolonged periods while waiting for the majority of the building to return.

Panther Pride,
University Housing

Email to all residents - 9/8/21
Welcome, Panthers!

While we return to a more normal experience this fall, University Housing will be abiding by campus and Milwaukee Health Department expectations for COVID-19 safety protocols, including quarantine and isolation. Testing positive for COVID-19 or being a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19 can be a stressful situation, so we hope you read this email to understand the general process, expectations, and resources for quarantine and isolation at UW-Milwaukee.

It is important to know that there are a variety of factors that contribute to every COVID-19 situation, but this is our general process. As UWM and Milwaukee Health Department guidelines change, University Housing will adapt as instructed. You can find additional information and follow changes at

Unvaccinated Students Must Test Weekly:

According to UWM campus policy, unvaccinated students must get tested weekly, preferably at a UWM testing facility. If testing is done off campus, students and employees must file proof each week. (To be exempted from weekly testing, students and employees must provide proof of vaccination.)

All residents of University Housing who are not exempted from testing are required to get a COVID-19 test 3 – 5 days after arriving on campus.

Students who do not have COVID-19 symptoms can get tested in the UWM Wisconsin Room Lounge from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (Residence Hall Students should test between 7 a.m. and noon). All students must make an appointment at

Students who have COVID-19 symptoms or primary exposure should call their primary care provider or Norris Health Center at 414-229-4716 to schedule a test.

If You Test Positive for COVID-19:

Regardless of vaccination status, any student who tests positive for COVID-19 is required to isolate for 10 days

  • You cannot test out of isolation

After getting a positive COVID-19 test result via the campus testing site…

  • Go directly back to your room and check your UWM email for instructions
  • This notification will arrive between 9 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday

While waiting for your instructional email…

  • Choose whether you will isolate off campus (at home) or on campus
  • Start packing necessities for 10 days

If you choose to go home…

  • You must leave/be picked up that evening

If you choose to isolate on campus…

  • You will likely be required to move to a temporary assignment, potentially in a different residence hall (staff will verify your relocation has occurred)
  • You will not be allowed to leave that space unless seeking medical testing or treatment

If You Experience COVID-19 Symptoms:

If You Are A Close Contact for Someone Who Tests Positive for COVID-19:

A close contact is someone who has been within 6 feet of an infected person for 15 minutes or more.

  • It doesn’t matter if that person was wearing a mask
  • UWM guidelines state that all roommates and suitemates are close contacts due to shared spaces, even if they do not actively hang out

If You Are Not Fully Vaccinated…

  • You are required to quarantine for 14 days per campus policy and public health guidelines
    • You cannot test out of quarantine
  • After receiving an email to your UWM email address that you are a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19…
    • Read it fully and follow all instructions in the email
    • Choose whether you will quarantine off campus (at home) or on campus
    • Start packing necessities for 14 days
  • If you choose to go home…
    • You must leave/be picked up that evening
  • If you choose to quarantine on campus…
    • You will likely be able to stay in your current room assignment, unless you were exposed to COVID-19 from someone outside your suite/room, in which case you might need to move into a temporary assignment
    • You will not be allowed to leave that space unless seeking medical testing or treatment

If You Are Fully Vaccinated…

  • You can likely remain in your space and come and go from your suite
  • You have a personal responsibility to consider others’ safety and be cautious of who you are around
  • You are encouraged to get tested 3-5 days after exposure
  • You should self-monitor symptoms throughout the 14-day quarantine period

Please Note: To be considered fully vaccinated, you must have had 2 doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and it must have been 2+ weeks since your final dose. You must also have reported your vaccination at

Check Your UWM Email Every Day!

If you are identified as a close contact, you will be notified between 9 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday.

Need help logging in to your UWM email account? Click here for instructions.

Food Delivery for Isolation/Quarantine:

  • Food delivery during isolation/quarantine is managed by UWM Restaurant Operations
  • They will contact you via your UWM email to place meal orders that will be delivered to your space
    • Wait to order until you know where you will isolate or quarantine
  • There are also options for overnight meal bags if you need food before the first delivery window
  • For meal questions, contact

Get Your Safe, Free COVID-19 Vaccination:

In order to be as safe as possible and have the most normal experience possible, students are strongly encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Visit to find vaccine clinic locations.

By reporting your vaccination at, you can be exempted from weekly testing and will have a smoother experience if you are identified as a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

As Early As Possible…

Talk to your family about the plan that makes the most sense for your individual situation. Questions to ask now:

  • Are you planning on getting a vaccine? Have you visited to find a vaccine clinic?
  • Have you reported your vaccination at
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19, do you plan on isolating/quarantining at home or on campus?
  • If planning to isolate/quarantine on campus, do you have two weeks of necessities prepared?
Email to all residents - 9/7/21
Dear University Housing Residents,

All laundry rooms will be offline from Tuesday, September 7 through approximately Friday, September 10 to install new dryers. Residents with laundry in any machines will need to remove their belongings as soon as possible so the company can take those machines away.

Additionally, University Housing will be conducting fire drills in all our buildings on Wednesday, September 15 at the following times:

  • 9:30 am – Kenilworth
  • 10:30 am – Cambridge
  • 11:00 am – Purin
  • 11:30 am – Sandburg North
  • 1:00 pm – Sandburg East
  • 1:30 pm – Sandburg South
  • 2:00 pm – Sandburg West
  • 2:30 pm – Sandburg Commons

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience!

Panther Pride,
University Housing

Email to all residents - 9/2/21
Dear Panthers,

We are so glad you are a part of our community in University Housing! As a community member, you are expected to adhere to the community standards outlined in your Resident Handbook.

By accessing the link below, you will find the 2021-2022 University Housing Resident Handbook. The Handbook contains information about the resources and policies of UWM and University Housing, as well as the Rules & Regulations that we follow as a community. (As a reminder, when you signed your University Housing Contract, you agreed to abide by the terms of the University Housing Resident Handbook.)

Download the 2021-2022 Resident Handbook

*Please note the file is approximately 25MB.

The Handbook is subject to change without notice. The most recent version can always be found via our website at

If you have any questions about any of the materials or policies in the Handbook, please ask your Resident Assistant, Residence Life Coordinator, or contact the Residence Life Office at

UWM Panthers care for each other, which means engaging in healthy and safe behavior, holding each other and ourselves accountable, and maintaining a caring, compassionate, and collegial community characterized by mutual respect and safety. As a University Housing resident, your individual actions have an impact on the greater community. You can find all of University Housing’s policies, as well as information on how residents and staff will work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in the 2021-22 Resident Handbook.

UWM Panthers also get involved! We highly encourage you to get engaged in the campus and Milwaukee community. There are tons of activities both in your building and on campus to attend. As you transition to campus and back to a more normal experience, we have many resources for you and ways to get involved. Reach out to the RA in your community or the desk staff for any questions you have or with help on how to get connected on campus. There are also many opportunities to get involved and meet others, such as joining one of University Housing’s organizations.

Panthers Protect Panthers! Measures such as wearing masks, weekly testing if you are unvaccinated or do not have a testing exemption, and physical distancing help keep you — and our entire campus community — safe. UWM currently does have a masking requirement. Masks are required to be worn over your nose and mouth when inside campus buildings, which includes the residence halls and Kenilworth Square Apartments. Please keep that in mind while you’re on campus, as well as while engaging in off-campus activities. As we have seen for other universities around the nation, when even a small number of people ignore those precautions, it can cause a ripple effect for many other residents, students, and community members.

Please stay healthy and continue to make good decisions,
University Housing

Email to all residents - 8/30/21
Dear Panthers,

It was brought to our attention that those assigned within your suite or apartment had their mailbox combinations viewable in your MyHousing portal. We apologize for the issue with the mailbox combinations appearing inadvertently and immediately took steps to rectify this issue upon notification. Mailbox numbers did not appear with mailbox combinations, and we have over 4000 mailboxes across housing buildings, which are assigned in random order. It will be challenging to determine which mailboxes belong to the suite/apartment-mates mentioned above.

Your MyHousing account has been updated to show only your assigned mailbox and combination. You can access this information from your MyHousing homepage by clicking the Mailbox & Mailbox Combination link in the main white screen area.

We recognize that you may have a concern regarding your mailbox security. To maintain our high level of security in our mail services, we are happy to offer a mailbox combination change. To request a combination change, please submit a Work Order at no later than Sunday, September 5, 2021. Our locksmith will work to then process those request the week of September 6 and our mail services staff will ensure your new combination is posted in your MyHousing account.

Again, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you,
UWM Mail Services