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Looking to become a Resident Assistant? The RA job is unlike any other opportunity on campus. You are able to live among your peers, plan events, be a member of a team, and help residents develop the skills they need to be successful at UWM. The information below provides a quick look at many aspects of the RA position.


Resident Assistant Position Description
P.R.I.D.E. Model for Student Engagement

RA Waldo Philopsophy

Developed in collaboration with the Student Success Center and Center for Student Involvement, the PRIDE model guides first-year students by encouraging behaviors that will lead to a successful transition to college. PRIDE stands for:

Prioritize Academic Success
Reach Out
Involve Yourself
Develop a Plan
Explore Milwaukee and Beyond

Living Learning Communities


Some RAs have the opportunity to be an RA for a Living Learning Community. LLCs are themed housing where residents share a common interest or are studying similar topics. It is a great way to get to know people who will be sharing classes together, have common interests, and do events, activities, and field trips related to the LLC topic. Students in LLCs typically excel more than their peers in social satisfaction, grades, and retention.

Perks of being an RA in an LLC:

  • Students on your floor all have something in common and are very social
  • If you are studying the same thing as your students, there is an easy connection and you are able to help them find resources, talk about specific instructors, and help guide them related to what you are studying
  • LLCs have additional funding to do fun trips or larger events – usually these have great attendance!
  • LLCs have additional professional staff on campus who support the LLC –that means you get to build relationships with professors, academic advisors, and resource center staff who can write you letters of recommendation.

Living Learning Communities for 2022-2023

There are 16 LLCs that will be offered in 2022-2023. Some LLCs have one RA, some LLCs have multiple RAs. When looking at staffing LLCs, we ideally want to have RAs in LLCs to study similar topics to LLCs they are placed in, or have a passion for the topic, but have to balance out multiple priorities. See below for the list of LLCs & a quick overview to see if there are any that interest you!

American Sign Language
This LLC focuses on American Sign Language & Deaf Culture. The community is for anyone interested in or learning ASL or Deaf Culture, including but not limited to ASL Studies, interpreter Training Program, or ASL World Languages majors and minors.

Architecture Sustainability (Architecture 1)
This LLC is a first-year-focused community that helps students learn about Architecture. Students in the community are BSAS degree-seeking students.

Architecture Design (Architecture 2)
This LLC is a second-year-focused community that helps students learn about Architecture. Students in the community are BSAS degree-seeking students.

Art & Design
This LLC is for Art & Design, Art Education, and Inter-Arts (with a focus in Art & Design) majors. It is a creative and collaborative community.

Future Elementary Educators
This LLC is for aspiring teachers majoring in Education.

Engineering House for CEAS Majors
This LLC is for any Engineering Major and will have students studying Industrial, Mechanical, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering. This LLC has a fun tradition, the Engineering Olympics.

Exploring Cultures
This LLC is open to anyone interested in global or international affairs. Many International Affairs, International Studies, Global Studies, or Language majors will live in the community, but those interested in global politics or human rights will also be present.

Exploring Majors
This LLC works with the Office of Central Advising to help students with undeclared majors discern a field of study and (potentially) a career path.

Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres
This LLC is for Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres majors. Each year they have a 24-hour film festival, as well as multiple smaller fun projects students work on together.

Health Professions
This LLC is for Nursing majors and those in the College of Health Sciences. It is a close-knit community that helps educate students on options for working in the field of health professions, as well as start early collaboration amongst students and different majors.

Honors House
This LLC is for residents who have been admitted to the Honors College. They can be any major but must be in good standing with the Honors College. It is an active community that is often out in the lounge!

Outdoor Recreation
This LLC is for anyone interested in getting outside or the wilderness. Conservation and Environmental Science, Biology, and Geoscience majors, ROTC, and former military individuals, as well as those interested in camping, rock climbing, kayaking, and outdoor skills will be in this community.

Performing Arts
This LLC is for admitted Music, Dance, and Theatre majors. It focuses on performance arts being a major instead of a hobby, and bridges the gap between areas of PECK that will commonly work together in the real world.

The Transfer LLC is for any student transferring to UWM. It is a great place for students to live with others going through a similar experience – it’s not their first time ever at college, but it’s their first time at UWM.

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Application Process

The application process to become an RA involves three different steps.

Step 1: Submit an application
Applications are reviewed by two University Housing employees and are checked thoroughly to ensure that the applications fit the need and scope of the position. The application is an Orgsync form and is due according to the timelines below. Applicants that are deemed qualified will be invited via e-mail to the next part of the RA selection process.

Step 2: In-person interview with professional staff
All applicants chosen will be invited for a 30-minute interview with professional staff. This process allows for us to hear in person about your values, experiences, and interest in the position. Remember that while interviewing you are sharing a piece of yourself with interviewers, so think carefully about how you want to present yourself.

Key Dates

For positions starting in Fall 2022

  • Application Opens – November 22
  • Application Closes – January 31
  • Interview Process – Mid-February
  • Decision Letters – March 18

Contact Information

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