2014-2015 Living Learning Communities

With more than 20 communities, encompassing over 1,000 students, these smaller “communities within communities” let residents live and take classes with other students who have similar interests or career goals.

When the University Housing New Student Contract Process opened up in December, 2013, one of the most eagerly anticipated pieces of the contract was the list of Living Learning Communities that would be offered for residents in 2014-2015.

Living Learning communities are dynamic environments within University Housing where students live with others who have similar interests, and oftentimes take a course that is taught in the residence halls, and only open to those members of the community.

By taking those courses into the residence halls, students get to meet new friends, interact with faculty members on a more personal basis, and start immersing themselves in their academic interest or career field beginning the day they move in.

Students who want to participate in a Living Learning Community are encouraged to pick those LLCs in their University Housing Contract prior to May 1, 2014. Any requests made after that date must be made on an individual basis.

You should also be aware that LLCs are UWM’s top priority when it comes to the room assignment process. Our students in LLCs form better connections with friends, and with campus, and perform better academically, so when possible, LLC requests are completed first. (This also means that two students who want to select each other as roommates need to either both be in the same LLC or both select “No LLC”.)

Our full list of LLCs is available at llc.uwm.edu. In addition, we encourage you to check out the student-written and published LLC Blog at www.uwmllc.blogspot.com.

For more information, contact Keri Duce at (414) 229-4065, klduce@uwm.edu, or the rest of the Learning Communities staff at learncom@uwm.edu.