The Aggregate: The UWM Honors College Newsletter

The mission of The Aggregate is to reflect the Honors College’s uniqueness through sharing about our people and the many activities in which we are involved.

As contributors to The Aggregate, we work to achieve balance in our voices. Members bring their own styles to the pieces they write, but we each exist as part of a whole.

In 2019, the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) awarded The Aggregate 2nd place in its annual student newsletter competition. Read the article about the award in issue 3.1 here.

In this issue…

We’re Back

After three semesters of uncertainty, the Honors College is finally starting to return to a sense of normalcy. There is an immense comfort in being able to interact as a community again, but it is also important to recognize the monumental adversities that students and staff have been dealing with.

“Being an educator now has been mostly about flexibility,” Professor Alan Singer
comments. “My colleagues and I have had to be more open to using technology, and
we have had to learn to be more responsive to the needs of our students.”

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