The Aggregate: The UWM Honors College Newsletter

The mission of The Aggregate reflects what is unique about the Honors College: stories featuring the people of the Honors College and the many activities taking place within the College.

As contributors to The Aggregate, we work toward achieving balance in our voices. Members each bring their own style to the pieces they write, but we all exist as part of a whole.

The Aggregate contains recurring sections, including “Starting Out” and “Moving Forward,” featuring current and past Honors students, “Foreign Correspondence,” a dispatch from an Honors student abroad, “Familiar Faces,” short interviews with the members of the Honors College faculty and staff, and content that will vary from issue to issue.

We hope that our words and pictures engage people throughout the incredible community of the Honors College.

The Aggregate: Volume 3, Issue 2 (click here)

COVID-19 Impacts Academics

In November 2019, when the first news arrived about a virus called COVID-19, few in the U.S. understood its potential impact. We exist now, however, only months later, in a country almost entirely shut down.

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