Honors College Drama Club

The Honors College has some dramatic news! The casting for the first ever play by the Honors College Drama Club has just been finalized. The club will be producing the play The Goat (Or Who is Sylvia) by Edward Albee. Director and member of the Steering Committee, Sean Vanzeeland says, “We just finished casting the show and I’m so excited to start putting the production together. We have a cast of four very talented actors, all Honors College students. This is a rather edgy play, and it’s going to spark some really interesting conversations for everyone involved, including the audience in the talk-back after the show.” The performance dates are yet to be finalized, but opening night is expected to be the 14th of April. Keep your eyes open for more news on what is sure to be a wonderful show!



Martin- Greg Rowan

Stevie- Courtney Raatz

Billy- Karol Nowak

Ross- Zak Sharp


For more information about the club or to get involved, contact Sean Vanzeeland (vanzee24@uwm.edu), Teagen Bodoh (tebodoh@uwm.edu) or Kenneth Dantes (krdantes@uwm.edu).