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Validating Transfer Credits

If you have earned credits in history courses studying abroad (or plan to do so) and have been informed that the History Department needs to determine the UWM course equivalents, please e-mail Professor Lex Renda, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at Include in your email message the following information:

  • Your full name, complete mailing address, home phone number, student ID number, and school or college.
  • Title and (if applicable) number of the course or courses taken or to be taken.
  • Name and location of institution where the course or courses were taken (or will be taken).
  • The semester or year in which the course or courses were taken (or will be taken).
  • An indication whether the course or courses taken or to be taken are in a UWM sponsored program or in a Non-UWM sponsored program.
  • If you have an electronic copy of the syllabus for the course or courses in question, please attach it. Although a syllabus may not be necessary, it is helpful. If more information about the course is required, you will be contacted in any case.

Professor Renda will adjudicate the matter, complete the relevant portion of a study abroad form, and send the same back to you. You are permitted to submit more than one form, should you have courses in multiple disciplines that require departmental recommendations.