Declaring a Minor in History

The declaration of the minor involves two steps:

  1. Read the requirements for the History minor below. It is important to become acquainted with the necessary requirements to graduate with the History minor, as these requirements cannot be waived.
  2. Send an e-mail to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Lex Renda (renlex@uwm.edu). Include in your message the following:
    • Your full name
    • Your complete mailing address
    • Your home phone number
    • Your school or college
    • Your student ID number
    • The following statement: I hereby declare a minor in History.

If you are switching from a History major to a History minor, please indicate that in your e-mail message as well.

Professor Renda will submit a declaration form on your behalf to the College of Letters and Science Student Academic Services, and you will receive an email confirmation message from him. Your records on PAWS will reflect your declaration within two months.


History minors are required to take a minimum of 18 credits of coursework distributed as follows:

Select at least 3 credits in European history3
Select at least 3 credits in U.S. history3
Select at least 3 credits in non-Western or global history3
Select at least 9 credits in courses numbered 300 or above taken in residence at UWM9
Total Credits18

History minors must maintain a 2.0 GPA in all history courses attempted at UWM and a 2.0 GPA in all history credits attempted at all institutions attended, collectively. No more than 3 of the 18 credits applied to the minor may be earned in independent study courses (HIST 199 or HIST 699). Note that in all courses taken in the minor on a credit/no credit basis (whether applied to the requirements of the minor or not), regular letter grades are recorded on your transcript and are used in the calculation of your GPA.

Note: Specific courses may count toward the fulfillment of more than one requirement. For example, HIST 307 counts toward the European history requirement and toward credits 300 or above taken in residence.

Course lists delineating approved European, U.S., non-Western or global, and pre-1500 history courses offered at UWM are below.