McGuinness, Aims

Associate Professor


PhD, University of Michigan (2001)
AB, Princeton University (1990)

Research Interests

Latin America, global history, US empire, sovereignty, socialism

Teaching Areas

Latin America, global history, US empire, socialism, exploration, historical methodology

Courses Offered

Hist 132 - World History, 1500-Present
Hist 293 - Seminar on Historical Methods (History of Exploration)
Hist 372 - Revolutions in Global History/Socialism in Global History
Hist 600 - Seminar in History (History of Exploration)
Hist 939 - Approaches to Global History
Hist 940 - Biography and Global History
Global 101 - People and Politics
Global 321 - The City in Global History

Selected Publications

McGuinness, Aims. ““Mourning María Pantalones: Military Rule and the Politics of Race, Citizenship, and Nostalgia in Panama”.” Caribbean Military Encounters. Ed. Puri, Shalini, and Putnam, Lara. Palgrave Macmillan, (2017).
Zeidler, Anita, Connell, Tula, McGuinness, Aims, and Smith, Adam. “Advancing Human Progress: Frank P. Zeidler’s Vision for Milwaukee.” Sponsored by the UW-Milwaukee History Department and the Frank P. Zeidler Memorial Lecture Committee. (2012).
McGuinness, Aims, and McKay, Steven C. “Afterword: Diaspora and the Language of Neoliberalism.” New Routes for Diaspora Studies. Ed. Banerjee, Sukanya, McGuinness, Aims, and McKay, Steven C. Indiana University Press, (2012): pp. 229-232 (4 pgs.).
Banerjee, Sukanya, McGuinness, Aims, and McKay, Steven C., eds. New Routes for Diaspora Studies. Indiana University Press, 2012: 252.
McGuinness, Aims. Review of Myths of Harmony: Race and Republicanism during the Age of Revolution, Colombia 1795–1831. 14.2 Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, 2009: 500-502.
McGuinness, Aims. Path of Empire: Panama and the California Gold Rush (Paperback, Revised). Ed. McGuinness, Aims. Cornell University Press, 2009: 264.
McGuinness, Aims. “Sovereignty on the Isthmus: Federalism, U.S. Empire, and the Struggle for panama during the California Gold Rush.” The State of Sovereignty: Territories, Laws, Populations. Ed. Howland, Douglas R., and White, Louise. Indiana University Press, (2009): 19-34.
McGuinness, Aims. “The Revolution Begins Here: Milwaukee and the History of Socialism.” Perspectives on Milwaukee’s Past. Ed. Anderson, Margo J., and Greene, Victor. University of Illinois Press, (2009): 77-104.