Mark Langenfeld headshot.

Mark Langenfeld

  • PhD Student, History


Degree Program: History PhD, exp. graduation: May 2021

Research Interests

American Indian History
Women's History
Race and Imperialism

Courses TA'd

History of Multicultural America
American Indian History since 1887 (HIST 263)
American Indian History 101


"Colonization - It's What's for Dinner": at the Western Social Science Association Conference, Portland, Oregon, 2014

"Eel Pots and Virgins: Translation Quirks of the Eliot Indian Bible"; presentation at Algonquian Conference, Milwaukee, WI 2016.

Other Information

Graduate of the Rare Book School of the University of Virginia
"A History of Native American Books and Indigenous Sovereignty"-Amherst College, June 2018.