Erping, Li

Visiting Research Professor


PhD, History, Yunnan University, 2009

Research Topic

China’s Education Assistance to Vietnam since P.R.C was Founded


Dr. Li Erping has worked as a history teacher for Guangxi Teachers Education Univserity for the past 10 years. She enjoys viewing history from the perspective of everyday people with varying cultural, educational, familial, and social backgrounds. As a teacher, she is committed to lifelong learning, and has come to UWM to study under the faculty involved in Southeast Asian research. During her time here, Dr. Erping wishes to further her knowledge of educational assistance, oral history, and the state of Vietnam during the Cold War for use in her teaching career as well as her research program.

Her program, “China’s Education Assistance to Vietnam since P.R.C was Founded”, seeks to reveal the history of China’s educational assistance to Vietnam during the Cold War, as well as analyze the various policies of the primary countries involved in the Vietnam Revolution.