Graduate Students



First Name Last Name Interests Faculty Page
Margo Anderson American Social History, Women’s History, Urban History Visit
Russell Bartley Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Historiography
Judith Beale Religious History, History of Catholicism
James Brundage Medieval History
David Buck Modern China, Urban History Visit
Michael Gordon US Labor, Public History Visit
Abbas Hamdani Islam, Middle East and North Africa, Medieval History Visit
Merry Weisner-Hanks Religion, European History, Women’s History Visit
David Hoeveler American Intellectual History Visit
Elizabeth Hitz US Social and Technical History
Reginald Horsman US Expansion, Race Relations
Ellen Langill Local History, Wisconsin History, Business History
Marc Levine North American Urban History, Public Policy Visit
Genevieve McBride American History, Midwestern History, Women’s History Visit
Jeffery Merrick Early Modern France, Intellectual and Cultural History, Gender and Sexuality Visit
Stephen Meyer 20th Century US Social, Labor, and Cultural History, Gender Visit
Helena Pycior History of Human-Animal Relations; History of Race, Gender, and Science in the United States Visit
Ronald Ross Germany, Modern Social/Political History, Military History Visit
Kris Ruggiero Latin America, Argentina Visit
John Schroeder 19th Century US, Naval, Maritime, Diplomatic Visit
Philip Shashko Modern Russia and Balkans, Intellectual History Visit
Walter Trattner Social Welfare, Social History, Progressive Era, Feminism
Walter Weare African-American and Southern History, Women, Biography Visit