UWM's Career Planning & Resource Center (CPRC) is your one-stop resource for on-campus jobs and off-campus careers. The CPRC counselors are experts in helping you:

  • Understand how to navigate the career planning process.
  • Match careers to your interests, values, skills, and personality.
  • Research careers or career options with your major.
  • Develop resumes, interviewing skills, and salary negotiation strategies.
  • Locate internships, part-time, full-time, or volunteer work.

The CPRC offers credit-bearing classes to help you plan for your major and career! Review the UWM Schedule of Classes under Educational Psychology for class meeting dates/times.

ED PSY 110: Planning Your Major and Career
This 3-credit, pass/fail class provides information on careers/majors that fit your interests, values, and skills; valuable ways to research careers and majors; making effective career decisions and setting goals for your future; and career-related experiences that help you gain marketable skills.

ED PSY 301: Successful Career Transitions
This 2-credit, pass/fail class will help you set realistic, concrete career goals; research employers across industries and the hidden job market; develop an effective resume, letter, and job search tools; learn effective networking and using social media; prepare for successful interviews; and gain the expertise, support and structure to secure a meaningful job or internship.

CHS also enjoys partnerships with hundreds of health care providers where our students serve internships and receive clinical training required for graduation. For more information, please visit the CHS web page of the academic program of your choice, or contact the program chair.