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The Shared Office for Administration of Research (SOAR) offers a full range of research administration services for sponsored research activities of the College of Health Sciences, Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health, Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, and the College of Nursing. SOAR acts as a liaison between the faculty and the UWM Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Faculty are encouraged to consult SOAR early when planning a proposal submission and to continue working closely with the office throughout the life of the sponsored project.

Each faculty investigator is assigned a designated grants administrator (GA). The GA is the principal contact person during the pre-award phase in preparing the grant proposal, and once an award is received, provides post-award services for the grant.

All requests for pre- and post-awards services should be made to SOAR Director Eric Gresnick (gresnick@uwm.edu), who will assign a GA to your project. The GA will then contact you within two business days.


Grant administrators have significant expertise in a wide range of grants, including federal (e.g. NASA, NIH, NSF, NIJ, NOHAA) and non-federal (e.g. WPP, state and local governments, foundations).

Proposal Preparation and Submission

SOAR works with investigators to plan, prepare, coordinate and submits proposals through the Office of Sponsored Programs with all required institutional endorsements.

Grants Management and Administration

SOAR provides support to faculty and staff on all administrative aspects of managing a sponsored project. We can assist with progress reports, no-cost extensions, rebudgeting, program planning, communication with sponsors and the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Financial Management of Sponsored Projects

SOAR assists with salary distribution and effort reporting, works with faculty to develop spending plans and projections, and monitors expenditures on sponsored projects.

Final Closeout of Sponsored Projects

SOAR supports activities related to closing sponsored projects, including interpreting sponsor requirements, and communicating with department financial staff and the Office of Sponsored Programs to ensure that all sponsor requirements have been met.

Compliance Management and Auditing

SOAR works with investigators, department administrative staff and the Office of Sponsored Programs to ensure compliance with federal, state and university guidelines for financial and regulatory management.