3409 N. Downer Ave.
Pavilion 365A
Milwaukee, WI 53211


The focus of the visuomotor laboratory is to study goal-directed visuomotor behavior. Specifically, research questions involve the relationship between visual attention and the motor intention to move. Physical therapists oftentimes address movement impairment without addressing the attentional components of behavior. Answers to questions addressed in the laboratory will help clinicians understand how a person uses visual information to inform and guide goal-directed movement. Interested undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to contact the lab director to participate in this line of research. Students contributing to faculty research will be included as co-authors on publications and supported to present their work at national and international conferences. Research is performed on adults of all ages, and interested volunteers should also contact the lab director.

Primary research equipment

  • Applied Science Laboratories remote optics bright pupil eye tracking system
  • Human psychophysics set-up with 37 inch plasma monitor display


  • Presentation (visual stimulus presentation software)
  • Eyenal