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2400 E. Hartford Ave.
Enderis Hall, Room 132
Milwaukee, WI 53211

The Neuromechanics Laboratories perform interdisciplinary research involving muscle physiology, motor control, and biomechanics. A primary focus of our research is to address basic and applied research questions that inform clinical practice in areas such as athletic training and physical therapy. Our group of research faculty investigates questions relating to neuromuscular control deficits encountered in both young and older populations that could increase the risk of musculoskeletal injury and affect quality of life.

Primary research equipment

  • Ten-camera Motion Analysis Eagle motion capture system
  • Kinarm robotic exoskeleton for the arm
  • Motion Monitor electromagnetic system
  • Force Plates (1 AMTI, 2 mounted Bertec, and 4 portable Bertec)

EMG Systems

  • Noraxon Telemyo 8 channel
  • Run Technologies Myopac 16 channel
  • CED Spike 2 Data Acquisition system
  • Coulbourn data acquisition system
  • Biodex Dynamometer and accessories
  • Tekscan in-shoe pressure system
  • Uniaxial and Triaxial accelerometers (PCB)
  • ATI Nano foce sensor
  • Treadmill (Precor)
  • Wacom digitizing tablet

Primary research software

  • Visual3D
  • Labview
  • Matlab
  • Movalyzer Neuroscript
  • Datapac 2K2 Acquisition and Analysis (Run Technologies)