Aerial ski jumper in flight

3409 N. Downer Avenue
Pavilion, Room 375
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Informed by academic, scientific, and professional practice knowledge, the Laboratory for Sport Psychology and Performance Excellence (SPPE Lab) provides sport psychology services to individuals, groups, and teams seeking to achieve and maintain performance excellence. In addition to providing quality, evidence-based consulting services across a variety of performance arenas (e.g., sport, firefighting, the performing arts, business, etc.), the SPPE Lab supports a unique opportunity for graduate students to simultaneously gain experience in the academic, scientific, and applied facets of sport psychology. Guided by a multi-dimensional, athlete-centered model of sport performance, the Meyer Athlete Performance Management Model (MAPM; Meyer, Merkur, Ebersole, & Massey, in press), the SPPE Lab is committed to integrating psychological skills training with other aspects of training (e.g., physical, technical) in a collaborative effort to best facilitate the achievement of peak performance.

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