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Student wearing assistive device for writing

In the UW-Milwaukee Ergonomics Laboratory for Independent Living Environment & Occupation, we have the following objectives:

  1. Design, develop & evaluate effectiveness of low-cost assistive devices for the aging population and individuals with disabilities such as paraplegia, stroke, and those suffering from chronic low back pain and severe arthritis
  2. Evaluate patient transferring devices to reduce stresses and injuries to care givers, and
  3. Conduct evidence-based research to determine risk factors for workplace musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff tendonitis.

Our research is supported by funding from CDC (NIOSH). We currently collaborate with the University of Utah (Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational & Environmental Health and the College of Engineering), Ohio State University (Biodynamics Laboratory), NIOSH, and Washington Department of Labor & Industry.


Jay Kapellusch, PhD

2400 E. Hartford Ave.
Enderis Hall, Room 963
Milwaukee, WI 53211