Two “Class of 2017” students land jobs before graduation

Posted on May 31, 2017
Abigail Stein at a table with cooking utensils, and Trevor Wright in front of gym equipment

Abigail Stein and Trevor Wright.
UWM Photo/Pete Amland & Elora Hennessey

More than 3,400 students graduated from UWM at UWM’s 116th Commencement on May 21st. Two proud graduates from the College of Health Sciences already have jobs in hand.

Kinesiology major Trevor Wright helps others change lives though fitness training

An internship at Rosencutter Ultra Fitness & Performance, a Wauwatosa facility specializing in strength and fitness training, led to a full-time position for kinesiology major Trevor Wright. He was excited to be hired full-time, Wright said, because he likes Rosencutter’s approach to helping others change their lives

Nutrition graduate Abigail Stein serves as ambassador for local all-natural bakery

Abigail Stein started working part-time at Angelic Bakehouse, an all-natural, commercial bakery in September 2015 while working on her bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences. As its full-time brand ambassador and farmers market manager, she leads the farmers market team, hires and trains employees, puts on in-store demonstrations and promotes the firm’s sprouted grain breads, wraps and other baked goods.