Panther Pause: Wellness with Physical Therapy Students

Panther Pause is UWM’s campus-wide study break to help students get through finals while taking care of their mental, physical, and spiritual health. This year, our Doctor of Physical Therapy students created videos that demonstrate important stretches to improve your posture after those long hours in front of the computer, as well as valuable tips to practice good sleep hygiene.

Interested in seeing how well you take care of your body and mind? This brief questionnaire will provide you with a wellness score in 10 categories, out of a max of 100 points.  A score lower than 60 (60%) in a category may deserve careful attention as you try to improve your personal wellness. A score above 80 indicates a personal strength.

Access the quiz using the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on User Login Click on the button that says [Click here to Take Assessment]
  • Enter:  Group Login:  co50 (if adult assessment sa50)
  • Group password:  wellness
  • Then click the button that says [Click here to begin]
  • To view your results when you have finished the survey, click [Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire (HLQ Report]

UWM’s Panther Pause is sponsored by the Campus Activities Board.

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