Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

UWM Graduates in caps and gowns sit at the graduation ceremony

The College of Health Sciences graduated an impressive 145 students across a wide range of academic majors last month at UW-Milwaukee’s 115th Commencement on December 18th.

At the rousing graduation ceremony, held in the UWM Panther Arena, more than 2,200 graduates walked across the stage to receive their diploma. Combined with those who earned degrees in May, the Class of 2016 includes more than 5,000 students, ranging in age from 20 to 67.

UWM Chancellor Mark A. Mone congratulated all of the graduating students, and said to the attendees, “I thank you for supporting your adult child, relative, spouse, partner or friend. And to all our graduates, I offer my best wishes in all your endeavors.”

The College of Health Sciences graduates are:

PhD Health Sciences

*Lauren Christine Benson
“Identifying Gait Deficits in Stroke Patients Using Inertial Sensors”
Major Professor: Kristian M. O’Connor

Emily Siebers Hansen
“Regulatory Mechanisms in Borrelia burgdorferi­induced Arthritis”
Major Professor: Dean T. Nardelli

*Whitney Allegra Welch
“An Examination of Light Intensity Physical Activity and Health”
Major Professor: Ann M. Swartz

*An August 2016 graduate

PhD Kinesiology

Caitlyn Roseann Hauff
“Hashtagging Your Health: Using Psychosocial Variables and Social Media Use to Understand Impression Management and Exercise Behavior in Women”
Major Professor: Christy Greenleaf

Caitlyn Hauff is the very first PhD in Kinesiology graduate.

MS Biomedical Sciences

  • Hannah Jane Therese Fisher

MS Communication Sciences & Disorders

  • Christina Carlson
  • Molly Rae Coyne
  • Carmen Ann Daniels
  • Katherine Elaine Dumas
  • Abigail Lynn Freund
  • Lindsey Beth Hamann
  • Kylie Elisabeth Herdrich
  • Emily Anne Lindeman
  • Melissa McDonald
[/one_half] [one_half_last]
  • Mallory Elizabeth Mentink
  • Amy Elizabeth Muzynoski
  • Hannah Kay Nesvold
  • Megan O’Callaghan
  • Jeannie Rae Parker
  • Heather D. Salvo
  • Alyssa Nicole Stecker
  • Molly Olivia Weber
  • Joanna Carol Zwerlein

MS Health Care Informatics

  • Adel M. Almutairi
  • Zeanab Hassan M Bassi
  • Anupama Bhide
  • Terrence Eugene Kisting
  • Marcin Kubit
[/one_half] [one_half_last]
  • Pooja Menaria
  • Shweta Singh
  • Paola Sterjo
  • Abigail Ann Volk

MS Kinesiology

  • Daniel Nelson Poel

MS Occupational Therapy

  • Stephanie Anderson
  • Erica Lisa Bergstrom
  • Ellen Block
  • Maggie Carruth
  • Emily Ann Collien
  • Jessica Marie DeGroot
  • Hilary Jean Domke
  • Janelle Marie Endres
  • Morgan E. Farrell
  • Rebecca Sarah Flath
  • Patrick Frigge
  • Amanda Christine Gilling
  • Jocelyn Ann Gillum
  • Carly R. Golden
  • Alyssa Rose Guard
  • Kurt Nathan Hemmingsen
  • Brittany Innes
  • Danny Johns
  • Kathryn Heather Klausegger
  • Kathryn Elizabeth Koch
  • Michelle Rose Konz
  • Michelle Joy Lange
  • Natalie Lauren Machado
[/one_half] [one_half_last]
  • Jaclyn Elizabeth Mack
  • Natalie Jean Mast
  • Rebecca McGuire
  • Makenzie Jo Miller
  • Bethany Michelle Miota
  • Stephanie Lyn Moore
  • Asrar Musaitif
  • Melissa Jane Mutch
  • Patrick Neish
  • Katherine M. O’Connor
  • Hanna Rae Paul
  • Amber Rae Peplinski
  • Ashley Marisa Rickert
  • Megan Ann Schreiber
  • Rachel Rochelle Schroeder
  • Christopher Jay Shickles
  • Leah Patricia Shoen
  • Rebecca Lynn Van Beusekom
  • Aubrey Rose Wanta
  • Karlan Alexandre Welstead
  • Michelle Wenzel
  • Rayme Leigh White

Bachelor of Science Degree

  • Michael Paul Acker
  • Hussain Saud H Almaskeen*
  • Salman Ali Almohsin*
  • Adam Saeed H Alshehab*
  • Dahlal Al-zubeidi
  • Jay Warren Applegate*
  • Kyle Michael Bahr
  • Savanna Marie Barkley
  • Brittni Ann Begale
  • Ryan Joseph Blaney
  • Britney Katelyn Bodden
  • Ashlyn Brooke Briere*
  • Anthony Thomas Caelwaerts
  • Kelly Cantu
  • Tyron Edgar Carrasquillo
  • Sethe Jaymes Christensen*
  • Keziah Grace Cook
  • Kailey Maria Cortez
  • Kelli Ann Dailey
  • Stephanie Michelle D’Amato
  • Jasmine Latrice Davis
  • Danielle Jo Dehaai
  • Marie Elizabeth Franzowiak*
  • Morgan E. Gagan
  • Lauren Ashley Galicia Magnuson*
  • Thalia Alejandra Gonzalez
  • Pamela V. Gotham
  • Juliana Michele Gottwein
  • Erin Grenawalt*
  • Nina Gutmanis*
  • Ashley Lynn Guyot
  • Jason Alexander Haffner
  • Tim Allen Halverson
  • Karl Heger
  • Hanna Kay Vernell Heinrich
  • Ramon D. Hollnagel
  • Jeremy Glenn Jacobs*
  • Bailey Marie Johnson*
[/one_half] [one_half_last]
  • Lucas James Kaat*
  • Taylor Lee Kaat
  • Lisa Anastasia Kellner
  • Ethan Alexander Kelly
  • Cole Thomas Krueger
  • Alec Lenczner-Bagdasarian
  • Melissa Ann Maki
  • Corianne Markowski
  • Karla Natalia Mena
  • David Clemens Mertens
  • McKale Christian Mikolajczak
  • Saul Molina
  • Lindsey Dawn Peters
  • Vincent Prezioso
  • Nicholas James Rodgers
  • Aaron John Rogers*
  • Mallory Jo Rout*
  • Nicolas Manuel Santos
  • Page Sayeski*
  • Sarah Claire Scholey
  • Daniel Jay Schroeder*
  • Kia Shea Schroeder
  • Rachelle Leah Schulman
  • Samantha Nicole Sell
  • Gabriel Gerald Serafin*
  • Kaylin Elizabeth Shafer*
  • Karen Jo Sherer-Smith
  • Ryan Jit Singh
  • Ross Adam Sobotta
  • Maria Therese Stephans
  • Amber Mae Tanski*
  • Kayla Marie Theys
  • Courtney C. Warner
  • Maren Marie Wendt
  • Molly Katherine Wiese*
  • Renee Anna Wojcik
  • Nicole Marie Wyss
  • Maranda Rochelle Zwieschowski
[/one_half_last] *Awarded Commencement Honors

Names of the graduates were taken from the December 18, 2016 Commencement Program. Because of printing deadlines, it is possible that the list of degree candidates may not be entirely accurate. This program is not an official university document, and does not constitute that those whose names appear have completed degree requirements.

The College is proud of this year’s graduates and the hard work and dedication they have shown during their tenure at CHS. Best of luck on your future endeavors!