Cheers to 60 years!

UWM skyline with downtown Milwaukee and Lake Michigan in the background.

Sixty years. 180,000 graduates. Countless lives changed.  And some 62,000 UWM alumni who work in the greater Milwaukee area, shaping the workforce and the skyline. All reasons for UWM to proudly celebrate its 60th anniversary during 2016.

UWM is the state’s top educator of veterans, librarians, Wisconsin police chiefs and educators. It boasts top-ranked programs in nursing, film and accounting. It’s home to Wisconsin’s only School of Public Health, the state’s sole School of Architecture and Urban Planning and the only School of Freshwater Sciences in the country.

UWM is a top green school and a premier research university. Our graduates are a global force.  We celebrate 60 years of educating, researching, advancing, creating, innovating and serving Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the world. In short, we celebrate 60 years of UWM.

60 years of accomplishments

Numbers alone can’t measure the impact made by UWM since its founding on Sept. 26, 1956. But they can be a starting point.

Consider these milestone facts and figures that can help us quantify the remarkable accomplishments of UWM at 60.

  • 180,000 alumni
  • 26,000 students enrolled
  • 5,000 UWM degrees awarded annually
  • 4,000 partners across southeastern Wisconsin
  • 104 acres on our East Side campus
  • 14 schools and colleges

Many ways to celebrate UWM’s big anniversary

The party officially started on Founders’ Day, September 25, 2016, with cake on the plaza, memories on tap and speeches from UWM and Milwaukee dignitaries.

Here are special activities in which everyone can join in.

  • Participate in the 60,000 Hour Challenge with the chance to celebrate and challenge ourselves around community engagement. There are plenty of opportunities for students, faculty, staff, alumni and retirees to complete 60,000 hours of service to our city.
  • Join the 60th anniversary Community Read where the campus community, neighbors and the general public all read the same book. The book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond, is an “Amazon Best Book of March 2016” and explores the stories of tenants and landlords in the poorest areas of Milwaukee. Readers are invited to participate in discussion groups, panels and events focusing on the book.
  • Look at the photo archive of UWM throughout the decades with a place to share special memories.
  • Read the anniversary poem by Wisconsin’s Poet Laureate, and UWM professor, Kimberly Blaeser.
  • Make a scholarship donation for student educational opportunities for the next 60 years.

CHS alumnus talks about what UWM means to him

UWM’s College of Health Sciences is a big part of the history of the University. Just last year the College celebrated its own anniversary of 40 years and published a commemorative magazine.

In addition, featured on the UWM 60th anniversary video, is the College’s own John Kuhn, a 2010 graduate from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Kuhn, who now is a physical therapist at the Milwaukee VA Center, talks about what UWM means to him.

He said, “The things that make me passionate about my job are the people whom I work with, the patients. Without them, I wouldn’t have near as much drive to do what I do. UWM helped me get where I am today.”

Join in the celebration

Everyone is invited to join the celebration. Find out the many ways to participate at the 60th Anniversary website devoted to news, activities and celebrations.

And be sure to check back for updates and new events throughout the year.

Happy 60th, UWM!