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Sabine Heuer, PhD, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor


Ph D Speech and Language Sciences Ohio University Athens, Ohio 2009
MA Speech-Language Pathology Ohio University Athens, Ohio 2004
BA Staatsexamen fuer Lehramt an Förderschulen (degree in Special Education) Leipzig University Leipzig, Germany 2002

Speaker Topics

  • Adult Neurogenic Language Disorders
  • Aphasia
  • Eye-tracking as a Tool to Assess Cognitive Processes
  • Stroke Rehabilitation

Interests & Expertise

Sabine Heuer’s research interests include the exploration of linguistic and non-linguistic factors that impact adults’ performance during language comprehension tasks. She is especially interested in the assessment of attention allocation and working memory processes and their relationship to language comprehension in individuals with and without aphasia, a disorder caused by brain damage that impairs language comprehension and language production.

Heuer’s goal is to contribute to the development of more carefully controlled and valid assessment materials for individuals with aphasia and related disorders.

Selected Publications

Fueger, C., Sergio, L. E., Heuer, S., Petrovska, L., & Huddleston, W. E. (2019, November). Remote concussion history does not affect visually-guided reaching in young adult females. Concussion, 4(3), CNC64.
Heuer, S., Natalie, D., Tiniyja, B., & Rebecca, W. (2019, March). Service-learning with older adults in care communities: Measures of attitude shifts in undergraduate students. Gerontology & Geriatrics Education.
Heuer, S., Ivanova, M. V., & Hallowell, B. (2017, May). More Than the Verbal Stimulus Matters: Visual Attention in Language Assessment for People With Aphasia Using Multiple-Choice Image Displays. Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research, 60(5), 1348.
Heuer, S., & Pinke, M. L. (2017, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Development of an eye-tracking method to assess mental set switching in people with aphasia. Brain Injury, 31(5), 686-696.
Heuer, S., & Hallowell, B. (2015). A novel eye-tracking method to assess attention allocation in individuals with and without aphasia using a dual-task paradigm. Journal of Communication Sciences and Disorder, 55, 15-30.
Heuer, S. (2009). Visual attention in a multiple-choice task: influences of image characteristics with and without presentation of a verbal stimulus. Aphasiology, 23(3), 351-363.
Heuer, S., & Hallowell, B. (2007). An evaluation of test images for multiple-choice comprehension assessment in aphasia. Aphasiology, 21(9), 883-900.


Hashimoto, N., Heuer, S., & Pycha, A. (May 2019). The Role of Phonological Neighborhood Density in Naming Images. Clinical Aphasiology Conference, Whitefish, Montana, USA.
Heuer, S., & Heilmann, J. J. (April 2019). Measuring functional communication: A conceptual model of communicative participation for people with communication disorders.. Center for Advancing Population Science, Seminar Series, Milwaukee, WI, USA.
Willer, R., & Heuer, S. (November 2018). Changing Students’ Beliefs & Attitudes toward People with Dementia: Measuring the Impact of Service Learning.. American Speech Language Hearing Association Convention, Boston, MA.
Abdeljaber, A., & Heuer, S. (November 2018). How does phonological neighborhood density influence image naming?. American Speech Language Hearing Association Convention, Boston, MA.
Heuer, S., & Gunzel, C. (November 2017). Preparing Undergraduate Students as Communication Partners for People with Aphasia. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Los Angeles, CA.
Heuer, S., Hallowell, B., & Ivanova, M. (May 2016). Bottom-up influences on visual attention in image-based language tasks in people with aphasia. Clinical Aphasiology Conference, Charlottesville, VA.
Heuer, S., & Pinke, M. (November 2015). Development of an Eye-Tracking Method to Assess Cognitive Flexibility Using a Switching-Task Paradigm. Paper presented at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention, Denver, CO.
Lund, S. K., Heilmann, J. J., Heuer, S., Erdmann, K., Oswald, K., Schimek, R., & Zuba, K. (November 2015). Outcome Measure Use Among Speech-Language Pathologists. Paper presented at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention, Denver, CO.
Sempos, A., Heuer, S., & Lund, S. K. (November 2015). The Impact of Accessible Email on the Written Communication of People with Aphasia. Paper presented at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention, Denver, CO.
Heuer, S., & Pinke, M. (August 2015). Assessment of Cogntive Functions using Eye tracking. European Conference on Eye Movements, Vienna, Austria.
Heuer, S. (November 2014). Assessment of Dual-task Performance in Young and Old Adults Using Eye Tracking. ASHA 2014, Orlando, FL.
Heuer, S., Ivanova, M., & Hallowell, B. (May 2014). Exploring the Relationship between Working Memory Capacity and Attention Allocation in Persons with and without Aphasia. Clinical Aphasiology Conference, St. Simmons Island, GA.
Heuer, S. (April 2014). The use of Eye Tracking to Assess Cognitive- linguistic Processes. CHS Research Colloquium, Milwaukee, WI.
Heuer, S., & Wagner, K. (November 2013). Influence of image characteristics in multiple-choice image displays with presentation of a verbal stimulus. Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Chicago, IL.
Heuer, S. (November 2013). Strategies to Improve Communication with People with Dementia and Aphasia. In OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute School of Continuing Education, Milwaukee, WI.

Recent Funded Grants

UWM College of Health Sciences SEED Program 2013

Title: Validation of a New Eyetracking Method to Assess Attention Allocation in Young and Old Adults Using a Dual- task Paradigm

Honors & Awards

Transdisciplinary Challenge Fellow (2014) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Health Care Services 2010 Legen Award (2011, January 3) Consonus.
Legend Award recipient for outstanding contributions in rehabilitation services to individuals with communication deficits, Milwaukee, OR (2010) Consonus Health Care Services.
Outstanding Graduate Doctoral Student Leader (2009, May) Ohio University.
Student Fellowship in Clinical Aphasiology (2009, May) NIH / NIDCD.
SRSAA (2008, December) Ohio University.
Graduate Student Senate Awards (2008, October) Ohio University.
Ph.D. Fellowship in Neurogenic Communication Disorders (2007, January) Ohio University.
SRSAA (2006, December) Ohio University.
Junior Mentor (2006, June) Aphasiology Conference Steering Committee.
Student Fellowship in Clinical Aphasiology (2006, June) NIH / NIDCD.
SRSAA (2006, May) Ohio University.
SRSAA (2006, May) Ohio University.
SRSAA (2006, January) Ohio University.
SRSAA (2005, December) Ohio University.

Courses Taught

  • COMSDIS 720: Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders in Adults
  • COMSDIS 690: Cognitive Communication Disorders in Adults
  • COMSDIS 220: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Hearing, and Language Mechanisms