3409 N. Downer Ave.
Pavilion, Room 350
Milwaukee, WI 53211

(414) 229-3360

Carrie Truebenbach, MS, MSPT, OCS

The Performance & Injury Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is committed to providing you with an individual consultation related to the myriad of factors that contribute to optimizing performance and preventing injuries. The Center operates using an integrated approach to performance enhancement and injury prevention. This Center is student-led under the supervision of licensed athletic trainers, licensed physical therapists, a certified sport psychology consultant, and a registered dietician.

When you visit the Center, you will undergo assessments and be provided with recommendations to improve your exercise/sport performance and prevent injury. These assessments and recommendations include:

  1. Results of sport psychology assessments and recommendations regarding commitment, anxiety, concentration, and confidence
  2. Results of movement screen and clinical recommendations regarding the use of appropriate stretching and strengthening techniques to correct musculoskeletal imbalances and deficiencies
  3. Results of Injury Screen and clinical recommendations regarding stretching, weight training, footwear, etc.
  4. Results of nutrition/hydration assessments and recommendations for your dietary plan

At the end of your visit to the Center, a case manager will be designated. This individual will help arrange any follow-up needed through the Center, and can assist you with questions or concerns going forward.

Any adult (>18yrs) who is registered for the Paws vs Claws Challenge, Panther Prowl, or other UWM activity can make an appointment at the Center. These services are provided at no cost.

For more information or to schedule a consultation: performance-center@uwm.edu