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The certificate in health professional education is designed for health care professionals who have been in clinical practice for a number of years and are now teaching in their specialty or want to be prepared to teach in their specialty. 

The certificate is offered jointly by UWM’s College of Health Sciences, College of Nursing and School of Education.

Program Type

Graduate Certificate

Program Format

On Campus
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The UWM certificate in health professional education is designed to provide health professionals with additional preparation in educational principles and theory to support you in your role as educators of students, staff and clients. The certificate will prepare you to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and academic institutions.

  • The program offers high-quality, individualized educational formats conducive to your busy life.
  • Courses are offered either one night per week (4:30 – 7:10 pm), on the weekend (Friday evening and all day Saturday four times during the semester) or online.
  • Faculty incorporate web-based technologies into weekend courses to facilitate student discussions and learning between meeting times. Online courses are offered in an asynchronous format.

Credits and courses required for a certificate may double count toward meeting UWM graduate degree requirements. Please contact your graduate program academic department to learn more about credits.

Recognizing the need of working adults to advance your career and education simultaneously, the certificate in health professional education is designed to be flexible and affordable.

As a graduate-level program, the certificate is open to students who are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program. It is also open to health care professionals who hold a baccalaureate, master’s or doctoral degree.

With a certificate in health professional education you will be better prepared to teach in clinical settings.

Required Core Courses

AD LDSP 757: Principles & Foundations of Adult Education3
NURS 731: Practicum & Seminar in Health Professional Education3

Curriculum/Program Planning & Evaluation Courses

Select one course from the following:

AD LDSP 667: Program Planning in Adult Education3
AD LDSP 607: Coordination of Staff Development & Training Program3
AD LDSP 647: Evaluation of Adult Education & Training Programs3
NURS 752: Curriculum Development in Nursing Education3

Teaching/Instructional Strategies

Select one course from the following:

AD LDSP 687: Instructional Design & Teaching Strategies3
AD LDSP 707: Using Technology with the Adult Learner3
AD LDSP 827: Seminar in Adult & Organizational Learning3
NURS 705: Instructional Strategies for Patient Education3

Elective courses

Select one additional course from above, or from the following:

AD LDSP 867: Seminar in Continuing Education on the Professions3
AD LDSP 787: Administration of Adult Education Program3
AD LDSP 547: Planning & Implementing Education Program for Older Adults3
NURS 764: Changing Health Behaviors3
NURS 751: Teaching in a Practice Discipline3

Visit the UWM Academic Catalog for more information.


Jennifer Daood 
Senior Advisor
UWM College of Nursing
Cunningham Hall 621