Within our teaching, research and service commitments we strive to prepare our students to meet future social, cultural, and technological challenges by becoming globally competent and culturally sensitive citizens with an expanded understanding of the multifaceted international interconnectedness of today’s world.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has a deep and abiding commitment to providing access to a 21st century education for Wisconsin residents while fostering local, regional and state economic development. It promotes these goals by providing every student with a strong academic foundation in understanding the complex cultural, social and technological realities of the contemporary world and building a balanced program of basic and applied research designed to address its problems.

UWM fosters learning about the world beyond our borders, explores research partnerships that expand our knowledge base, supports an internationally diverse constituency of students and faculty and connects with the community to harness the strength of the university’s expertise. By embracing its identity as a globally-engaged university, UWM affirms that all students deserve the benefit of an education that prepares them to meet the challenges they will encounter in today’s interdependent world.