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Stroke, aging, and other sensorimotor impairments can decrease independence, leaving individuals isolated. Dr. Seo’s team in the Hand Rehabilitation Lab is working to develop assistive devices to help people with stroke or other sensorimotor deficits regain their independence.

Hand Rehabilitation Laboratory

Dr. Seo’s research in the Hand Rehabilitation Lab is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. Dr. Seo and her team strive to achieve this goal by developing therapeutic and/or assistive devices based on theoretical knowledge in biomechanics and neurorehabilitation. These projects range from basic neuromechanics studies to applied studies such as development of a sensory prosthesis, optimization of assistive glove designs, development of neurorehabilitation training protocols, and ergonomic evaluation of ladder climbing.


Dr. Seo’s research aims to guide therapists and physicians in their treatment of specific hand impairments following neurologic or orthopedic injury. Her team’s mail goal is to help persons with stroke, aging, and other sensorimotor impairments to increase functional independence, improving their ability to integrate into society.