Dr. Laodong Guo

Principal Investigator

Tel:  (414)-382-1742
Fax:  (414)-382-1705


Personal webpage


 Mr. Hui LIN (PhD Student)


Research Interest:  Cycling of dissolved organic matter in marine and freshwater environments.  Separation and characterization of colloids and nanoparticles using flow field-flow fractionation (FlFFF) coupled with online/offline detectors.

Dr. Changyou Wang

Visiting Scholar from Naijing, China

E-mail: or

Research Interests: Marine biogeochemistry; Marine Pollution; Cycling of phosphorus

Mr. Yangyang Yang

PhD student from Hohai University, Nanjing, China


Research Interests: Characterization of dissolved organic matter from phytoplankton

   Graduate Student
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Group photos

Group photo-2018


Group photo 11122015_Guo iphone

Group photo — 2015 (from Left Tarek, Guo, Peng, Zhengzhen, Steve, Shimaa, and Matt )


Group Photo — May 2016: Shimaa, Wenzhi, Huacheng, Steve, Tarek, Peng, and Guo (from left to right)

Group photo — 2014 in the old building (from left: Jianyu Ni, Laodong Guo, Steve DeVilviss, Tarek Teber, Bjorn Stolpe, Zhengzhen Zhou, Peng Lin, Aja Gaeth, and Alex Frie)


2014 (from left: Guo, Shimaa, Weifeng, Peng, Steve, Zhengzhen, and Tarek)


Lab photo — 2013 (from left: Guo, Chen, DeVilbiss, Zhou, Lin, Gao, Ni and Xin)

Group photo — 2013 (From left: Chen, Lin, Zhou, DeVilbiss, Guo, Ni, and Gao)

Lab Staff visiting Sea Dragon/Pangaea in Chicago (summer 2013, from left: Xin, Zhou, Fabino, Gaeth, Chen, and Lin)

Bjorn and Guo (Summer 2014, visiting Milwaukee beach)

Group photo-2014 (Guo, Steve, Zhengzhen, Wei, Peng, Terek, Alex, and Bjorn)

Former members in Guo’s Lab

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