UWM interdisciplinary artist earns 2018 Emerging Talent Award

Global photography website and magazine LensCulture awarded interdisciplinary artist Leah Schretenthaler a 2018 Emerging Talent Award, for her project, The Invasive Species of the Built Environment.

Schretenthaler’s project—one of just 50 recognized worldwide—explores what she calls the “invasive infrastructures” that “have impinged on the natural environment” in Hawaii, where she was born and raised. “The growing population and tourism continue to threaten its space and its ability to accommodate all of its occupants,” she writes. “The industrial growth happening in Hawaii goes beyond simply manipulating the landscape; it destroys the historical records and spiritual places that have existed there for generations.” To read the full project description, visit the link above and click the lowercase “i” that appears on the top right of the page.

Schretenthaler’s work uses traditional photography, video, and metal casting to create images. “Through my art practice, my research presents a connection between land, material, and performance,” she says.

Before pursuing her MFA in photography at UWM, Schretenthaler earned a BFA in art education/photography from the University of South Dakota in 2013 and a master’s in art education from Boston University in 2015. She has presented research at several Society of Photographic Educator’s regional conferences. She has also taught art and coached a youth swim team.

Netherlands-based LensCulture is “a global platform dedicated to discovering and sharing the best of contemporary photography, in all genres, from cultures around the world,” according to its website.