Financial Impact of Assistantships and Fellowships

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Which type of aid is right for you?

Your individual situation is unique: you may have additional sources of income (like full-time employment, family, or a working spouse), or external scholarships that impact your tuition and loan calculations. The following scenario is an illustration of the impact a fellowship or assistantship can have on your eligibility for federal student loans. Always check with the Financial Aid Office to discuss your specific financial needs and options.

Consider this scenario: The 2021-2022 9-month cost of attendance at UWM is $30,322. The typical federal loan offer is $20,500. Financial aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

Here is an example showing the difference in how an assistantship or fellowship affects federal loan eligibility.

FellowshipStipend: $15,000
Tuition Waiver: $10,700
Total aid provided by fellowship: $25,700
Remaining cost of attendance: $4622
Federal Loan offer:
AssistantshipStipend: does not count as financial aid
Tuition Waiver: does not count as financial aid
Remaining cost of attendance: $30,322
Federal Loan offer:
Please note: This is an example scenario. Financial aid considerations are complex – your individual eligibility may vary.