Guide to Receiving Your Reimbursement

Please Note:

  • Students receiving travel awards who are NOT employees cannot access the UW System Expense Module.
  • If you are unable to access the Expense Module system, please contact Tiffany Nation, Graduate Student Travel Coordinator, at for assistance.

Before You Travel

  1. Please review the TravelWise Traveler’s Reference Guide (PDF).

    This reference guide provides a helpful summary of UW travel policies and procedures. It is also a reminder of what receipts you will need. In addition to keeping receipts during your trip, also retain your conference agenda/schedule/program, as it is needed for reimbursement.

  2. Please be aware that flights for individuals and administrative groups must be booked with Travel International, either via the Concur website or by calling a travel consultant at (877) 811-9898.

    For a block of 10 or more tickets with one airline via a special contract, see the TravelWIse Group Travel page.

    Please keep a copy of your airfare itinerary listing full payment of your flight.

    Amtrak (Train) or Greyhound (Bus) Travel

    • Prepare a cost comparison between train/bus fare and airfare. The train/bus fare must be less than the airfare to the destination.
    • Call the UW TravelWise Travel Center at 1-866-230-8787 to request an airfare estimate. This estimate must be included as an uploaded attachment to your Expense Report.
    • Purchase tickets for Amtrak (train) or Greyhound (bus) directly from their websites or at their ticket counters.
  3. In addition to using Travel International for flights, you may book your hotel as well, either via the Concur website or directly with the hotel.


    While UW System lodging policy now allows for usage of AirBNB and full prepayment on lodging, you may NOT use VRBO, Home Away, or third-party vendors or websites such as Orbitz or Expedia to book flights or lodging. As stated in UW System policy, you will not be reimbursed if you fail to adhere to this policy.

    If you choose to stay in a hotel that is more expensive than the maximum lodging rate, you will only be reimbursed for the maximum lodging rate, unless it is the conference recommended site.

  4. Please utilize the Lodging Maximums and M&IE per diem Allowance Calculation tool:

    The calculator is used to calculate lodging and meal per diem rates, which are based on the location to which you will be traveling. You will want to use this tool for reimbursement of these items listed above.

    The per diem amounts will auto-fill on your online Travel Approval Form and online Expense Report. You may only claim up to the per diem amounts. Please only claim what you have spent on meals and incidentals.

  5. You must complete a Travel Authorization for all travel.

    Please note that your Travel Authorization must be completed before travel occurs.

    Please complete your online Travel Authorization through the online Expense Module using your ePanther ID and password.

    screenshot of authorization link

    If you are unable to access the Expense Module system, please contact Tiffany Nation, Graduate School Student Travel Coordinator, at to obtain a Travel Approval Request form, which is the equivalent of the online Travel Authorization.

    Failure to complete this request will cause a delay in the reimbursement and could result in forfeiture of travel funding.

  6. Driving (Request for reimbursement for car rental or personal vehicle mileage)

    Just a reminder that all individuals who need to drive for work including: conferences, professional development opportunities, and state committee work, need to complete a Vehicle Use Agreement Driver Authorization.

    If it’s not completed, you will be ineligible for mileage reimbursement on your trips. Once completed, this authorization is good for five years.

    The cost of driving must be less than the cost of commercial airfare, including necessary costs of lodging, meals, and other incidentals that may be associated with automobile travel.

    TravelWise must be used for all internet-based reservations utilizing the Big Ten contract with Enterprise and National. Hertz is also available within Concur when Enterprise and National do not have necessary availability. Utilizing Concur for reservations enables the contract booking ID to automatically applied, ensuring that all reservations are under contract and appropriately insured.

    Students must be prepared to provide student identification and the UW System’s tax-exempt wallet card to receive tax exemption on qualifying rentals (i.e. rentals originating in Wisconsin or participating states).

    1. Mileage expenses can be shared, but it should only be claimed by the person driving the vehicle. The mileage reimbursement rate is intended for gas.
    2. All drivers must be authorized to get any kind of reimbursement for any expenses related to driving (mileage, gas, car rental, etc.).

While You Are Traveling


See the TravelWise calculator to automatically prorate the M&IE per diem for accurate accounting of provided meals. Receipts are not necessary.

Local Transportation

Reasonable and necessary charges for cab/shuttle/subway tickets are reimbursable. Please keep and submit receipts to be reimbursed for any fares over $25. Shuttle service (usually less expensive or sometimes free) should be utilized in place of a taxi whenever possible.

Upon Your Return From Travel

You must complete an Expense Report in the online Expense Module after travel has occurred.

screenshot of create expense report link

Please upload your travel award letter and all required forms and receipts as attachments to your Expense Report in the Expense Module system.

Please Note:

You will only have 90 days post travel to submit an Expense Report in the Expense Module system to receive your reimbursement. If you delay in submitting an Expense Report, you will forfeit the award and the funds will be allocated to another student.

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