Subcommittee on Graduate Fellowships

The Subcommittee on Graduate Fellowships annually establishes deadlines, application nomination forms, review selection procedures, and award announcements.

For assistance, please contact Vicky Everson in the Graduate School.

2017-18 Roster

Name School/College Term Expiration
Arijit Sen Architecture & Urban Planning (School of) 2019
Stephen Wetzel Arts (Peck School of) 2020
TBD Business (Lubar School of) 2017
Ryoichi Amano Engineering and Applied Science (College of) 2018
Ryan Newton Freshwater Sciences (School of) 2019
TBD Health Sciences (Collegel of)
Richard Smiraglia Information Studies (School of) 2018
Bonita Klein-Tasman Letters & Science (Collegel of) 2020
Anne Pycha Letters and Science (College of) 2020
Peninnah Kako, Chair Nursing (Collegel of) 2018
Cheng Zheng Public Health (Zilber School of) 2018
Michael Brondino Social Welfare (Helen Bader School of) 2020

2017-18 Meetings

Meetings are located in Mitchell Hall 245.
Date Documents
Tuesday, September 12
12:30-2:00 p.m.
Agenda, Minutes
Wednesday, January 31
2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
Agenda, Minutes
Tuesday, March 6
10:00–11:30 a.m.
Agenda, Minutes
Tuesday, April 10
1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

Previous Semester Meetings


Date Documents
September 20 Agenda, Minutes
February 2 Agenda, Minutes
March 9 Agenda


Date Documents
January 28 Agenda, Minutes
March 9 Agenda, Minutes
April 26 * Agenda (No minutes)
* No quorum

Document Archive

Definition and Duties

  1. Membership
    Twelve members as follows: Six members of the Graduate Faculty Committee appointed by the Chair of the Graduate Faculty Committee, subject to approval by the Committee, four members of the UWM Graduate Faculty elected by the Graduate Faculty, the Dean, or designee, and Fellowship Coordinator of the Graduate School serve as ex-officio members.

    Members of the subcommittee should reflect the range of disciplinary competencies in the University and represent the several schools and colleges insofar as the size of the Committee allows. The Chair shall be elected by the Subcommittee membership at the first meeting of the subcommittee. The Chair must be a member of the Graduate Faculty Committee.
  2. Functions
    1. Within the provisions of University regulations and practices and subject to review by the Graduate Faculty Committee, the Subcommittee formulates and implements guidelines and procedures for allocation of available fellowship funds administered by the Graduate School.
    2. Following its designated application and selection procedures, the Subcommittee annually recommends fellowship awards for meritorious graduate students.
    3. On request of the administration of the Graduate School, the Subcommittee may assist in the assignment of other graduate student financial support awards.
    4. The subcommittee makes an annual report to the Graduate Faculty Committee. Special reports may be made at the direction of the Graduate Faculty Committee or on the initiative of the subcommittee.
  3. Procedures
    With administrative support from the Office of Secretary of the University, the Subcommittee annually establishes deadlines, application nomination forms, review selection procedures, and award announcements.