Professional Development

Preparing Future Faculty & Professionals (PFFP)
Workshop Series

The UWM Graduate School organizes seminars, workshops, and discussion forums to help you get acquainted with the expectations associated with graduate studies, move successfully through degree milestones, acquire a variety of transferable core skills, and also understand the “big picture” of higher education and academic life.

Faculty and staff from units across campus contribute to this ongoing series, supporting graduate student success as you envision and pursue your own future in and beyond the university. All students enrolled in a UWM graduate program are invited to attend these events on campus, free of charge.

Fall events are eligible for credit to students enrolled in GRAD 801: Introduction to Academic Life.

All events will be live streamed via Microsoft Teams live events. Click on the link below each program description to join, UWM log-in required.

Fall 2021 Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals Workshop (PFFP) Topics

▪ September ▪

Navigating Life After Coursework

Tuesday, September 21, 2021: 3pm – 4pm (virtual)
Alumni Panelists: Jeremy Carnes, Telashay Swope Farr, Jennifer Woo

Join recent UWM graduates discussing how they made the tough transition from coursework to the later stages of the doctoral degree. If you’re struggling with not having short-term deadlines and the regular structure of classes, you’re not alone. It can be tough to plan your work productively when there’s no syllabus to follow. Many students also find this time more isolating and lonely, because they spend less time in class with other graduate students. The students on this panel will share their own struggles with and successful strategies for adjusting to life after coursework.
Watch the recorded September “Navigating Life After Coursework” video.

▪ October ▪

Building Professional Connections

Thursday, October 28th from 9am – 10am (virtual)
Panelists: Nan Kim, Associate Professor, Director of Public History; Ilya V Avdeev, Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering; Director of Innovation UWM’s Lubar Entrepreneurship Center; Ava J Udvadia, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Biological Sciences

How do graduate students develop the professional networks they’ll need later in their careers? Many students find it daunting even to try, especially when they aren’t established in their own fields yet. This panel will help students understand the value of professional networking and the best ways to go about it. It turns out that being a graduate student can be beneficial! This panel of experts will talk us through some of the most common options, from organizing conference panels to recruiting outside advisors to making full use of online resources. They’ll also reflect on the long-term benefits of networking for their own careers.
Watch the recorded October “Building Professional Connections Fall 2021” video.

▪ November ▪

Advising for International Students

Co-Produced with the Center for International Education
Monday November 15 2:00pm – 3:00pm (virtual)
Panelists: Tobiah Deutsch, Senior Advisor, SOIS; Jennifer Gruenewald, Director, International Student and Scholar Services; Brooke Haley, Interim Director, English Language Academy; Ethan Munson, Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs CEAS

International graduate students play a key role in campus research and teaching, but they also face a range of unique challenges. Graduate advising relationships can sometimes feel especially hard to navigate. Educational structures differ across cultures, but so do styles of interaction and the expectations of both advisors and advisees. And because advising relationships involve such close collaboration over long periods of time, relationships involving international students and faculty sometimes require a little extra effort. This panel of experts will help both students and faculty learn how to build strong advising relationships, and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.
Watch the recorded November “Advising for International Students” video.

PLEASE NOTE: All Fall 2021 events will be live streamed via Microsoft Teams live events. UWM log-in required. Watching from a tablet or phone may require you to download the Microsoft Teams app. You may watch directly in your computer’s web browser. Captions are available in Teams live events. For more information please email Cary Suneja (

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