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Preparing Future Faculty & Professionals (PFFP)
Workshop Series

The UWM Graduate School organizes seminars, workshops, and discussion forums to help you get acquainted with the expectations associated with graduate studies, move successfully through degree milestones, acquire a variety of transferable core skills, and also understand the “big picture” of higher education and academic life.

Faculty and staff from units across campus contribute to this ongoing series, supporting graduate student success as you envision and pursue your own future in and beyond the university. All students enrolled in a UWM graduate program are invited to attend these events on campus, free of charge.

Spring events are eligible for credit to students enrolled in Preparing Future Faculty & Professionals: Introduction to Academic Life

If an event will be live streamed via Microsoft Teams, click on the link below each program description to join. UWM log-in required. Live-streamed events will be indicated, otherwise a physical location will be listed in the event description.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting in spring 2023, we are returning to offering some of the Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals seminars in-person or with in-person components. Please note the details per event. Seminars that are offered virtually will continue to be live streamed via Microsoft Teams live events. UWM log-in required. Watching from a tablet or phone may require you to download the Microsoft Teams app. You may watch directly in your computer’s web browser. Captions are available in Teams live events. For more information please email Mollie Boutell (

Spring 2023 Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals Workshop (PFFP) Topics

▪ February ▪

The Diversity Statement: Why It’s Needed and How It Can Help Distinguish You from Others

Tuesday, February 28, 1:00-2:00PM (virtual-Microsoft Teams)
Presenter: Dr. Chia Youyee Vang, Vice Chancellor, Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity statements are increasingly part of the portfolio of statements required for an academic job application and are often also required for fellowships and grant applications. It is additionally not uncommon to have these statements recommended for careers outside of education. This session will engage students in understanding the importance and contribution of diversity statements, as well as provide guidance on how to write effective and authentic statements.

This event will be virtual via Teams.
Teams Link

▪ March ▪

Professional Success – Lessons from Entrepreneurship and the NSF I-Corps Program

Thursday March 30, 2023, 5:00-6:30PM, Lubar Entrepreneurship Center (LECWC-107), In-person
Speaker: Brian Thompson, UWM Research Foundation and Lubar Entrepreneurship Center

The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center offers programs that help the UWM community learn and practice skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. These skills are not just for people launching companies but for all UWM students to make them more successful in their career regardless of their chosen discipline. Thorough the National Sciences Foundation I-Corps program, participants learn to have meaningful conversations with stakeholders about their needs. These same skills have been helpful to graduate students as they explore the impacts of their research and connect with mentors who can help guide their path. This workshop will provide highlights of the NSF I-Corps program – giving participants practical skills to communication professionally and have meaningful conversations with stakeholders.

▪ April ▪

Career Cartography

Session 1: April 11, 11am – 12:00pm (synchronous and recorded) This event will be virtual via Teams. Teams Link
Session 2: April 19, 11am -12:00pm, Cunningham 795 (in-person and follow-up to session 1)

Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Doering, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor, College of Nursing

Intentionality in career development is important for achieving goals while also managing one’s time and energy. This webinar will present Career Cartography as a systematic and iterative method for exploring the scientific impact and communicating the outcomes of science at any career stage. Career map examples will be provided, and participants will be encouraged to begin their own mapping. A week after the webinar, Dr. Jennifer Doering will hold an in-person follow-up workshop for any webinar attendees who want to further develop their career maps and dialogue about the process in a small group setting.

Past Fall 2022 Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals Workshop (PFFP) Topics

▪ October ▪

Navigating Conflict

Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (virtual-Microsoft Teams)
Panelist: Nadya Fouad & Ben Schneider, Office of Conflict Resolution; Adam Jussel, Dean of Students

Nobody likes conflict, but sometimes it is a workplace reality. Graduate students must balance many different types of relationships and personalities throughout their grad school career and beyond. This session will focus on giving graduate students skills in conflict resolution that will help them navigate conflicts with peers, professors, and advisors.
Watch the recorded Navigating Conflict presentation.
View the accompanying PowerPoint presentation

▪ November ▪

Intro to Evidence Synthesis Reviews

Tuesday, November 1, 2022, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (virtual-Microsoft Teams)
Speaker: Stephanie Surach, UWM Social Sciences Librarian

This workshop will provide an overview of evidence synthesis review types, question frameworks across disciplines, and how to develop a well-formulated research question for each review type.
Watch the recorded November Intro to Evidence Synthesis Reviews presentation.

Conducting Systematic Reviews

Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (virtual-Microsoft Teams)
Speaker: Stephanie Surach, UWM Social Sciences Librarian

This workshop will help attendees conduct systematic reviews, including developing research questions and identifying inclusion/exclusion criteria, determining reporting guidelines, registering protocols, and working with a librarian to identify databases and develop a search strategy.
Join the November Conducting Systematic Reviews presentation.

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