Partnership establishes “Scriptorium” for UWM dissertators

Recognizing that dissertators face many challenges as they work toward completing their PhD degrees, the Graduate School and UWM Libraries have partnered to create a dedicated space on the east wing of the first floor of the Golda Meir Library.

Termed “The Scriptorium”—from medieval times, describing a room reserved for writing and illustrating manuscripts—room E159 in the Golda Meir Library East Wing provides a quiet, reserved space for UWM dissertators, bringing together a community of peers from all programs, with access to the Libraries’ abundant research resources.

Support from the Graduate School and UWM Libraries is recognition of dissertators’ significant contribution to the university’s research mission and “R1” status as a top-tier research university. Part of that support included a Dissertation Boot Camp for dissertators May 30-June 1, which included a visit to their new room.

The Scriptorium and the Digital Humanities Lab are pilot programs that the library plans to eventually expand into a larger Research Commons.

The Scriptorium is limited to students currently enrolled for dissertator credits and is open during normal library hours. Dissertators interested in using the new space should contact Graduate School Doctoral Retention Specialist Shane Haensgen at Users of the room are asked to always sign in and out, bring their own laptops, and respect the facilities made available.