The Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) is a multi-state tuition reciprocity program that makes attending out-of-state colleges and universities more affordable for non-resident students. Through the MSEP, participating public institutions agree to charge students no more than 150% of the in-state resident tuition rate for specific programs; private institutions offer a 10% reduction on their tuition rates. If you are a legal resident of Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio or Wisconsin and enroll at a participating institution in another MSEP state, you will receive a reduced tuition rate—giving you a wide range of education options for your education dollars. Once admitted, in order to continue to be eligible for the MSEP rate the student must:
  • Maintain residency in a participating MSEP state.
  • Maintain enrollment in a participating academic program (full time and part time students are eligible).
  • Remain in good academic standing.

Students are automatically reviewed for eligibility for the Midwest Student Exchange Program tuition at the time of review for admission, so no additional application is needed. Students from participating MSEP states outside of WI will automatically be eligible for MSEP tuition provided they meet the criteria as stated above. Students will be notified in their official admission letter of their MSEP status, once they have been admitted to the University.

Second degree students, re-entry applicants, non-degree students, and students admitted to a certificate program are not eligible.

For more information, visit the MSEP website or contact the Graduate School at 414-229-6569 or

Participating programs include:


Art Education M.S.
Art M.A.
Music M.M.
Performing Arts—Film MFA
Dance MFA

Business Administration Executive MBA
Business Administration MBA
Management M.S.
Business Management Science Ph.D.
Information Technology Management M.S.
Nonprofit Management & Leadership M.S.

Administrative Leadership M.S.
Cultural Foundations of Education M.S.
Curriculum & Instruction M.S.
Educational Psychology M.S.
Educational Psychology Ph.D.
Exceptional Education M.S.
School Psychology Education Specialist Ed.S.
Urban Education Ph.D.

Biomedical & Health Informatics Ph.D.
Computer Science M.S.
Engineering M.S.
Freshwater Sciences

Freshwater Sciences & Technology M.S.
Health Sciences

Athletic Training M.S.
Healthcare Administration M.H.A.
Health Care Informatics M.S.
Health Sciences Ph.D.
Kinesiology M.S.
Information Studies

Library & Information Science MLIS
Letters & Sciences

African and African Diaspora Studies Ph.D.
Anthropology M.S.
Anthropology Ph.D.
Art History M.A.
Atmospheric Science M.S.
Atmospheric Science Ph.D.
Chemistry M.S.
Communication M.A.
Communication Ph.D.
Economics M.A.
English M.A.
English Ph.D.
Geography M.A.
Geography M.S.
Geography Ph.D.
Geosciences M.S.
Geosciences Ph.D.
History M.A.
History Ph.D.
Human Resources & Labor Relations MHRLR
Language, Literature, & Translation M.A.
Linguistics M.A.
Mathematics M.S.
Media Studies M.A.
Philosophy M.A.
Physics M.S.
Political Science M.A.
Psychology M.S.
Public Administration MPA
Sociology M.A.

Spanish M.A.
Urban Studies M.S.
Urban Studies Ph.D.
Women’s & Gender Studies M.A.
Nursing Ph.D.
Sustainable Peacebuilding MSP
Public Health

Epidemiology Ph.D.
Public Health MPH
Social Welfare

Criminal Justice M.S.
Social Welfare Ph.D.
Social Work MSW