Graduate Faculty Committee

The Graduate Faculty Committee (GFC) is UWM’s main policy-making body for graduate education. As such it oversees academic and administrative matters across graduate programs, and acts as an advocate for graduate students and graduate programs within the university.

2020-21 Meetings

Meetings are Mondays from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.
Semester I meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams.

Date Location Documents
September 14 Teams Agenda, Minutes
October 19 Teams Agenda, Minutes
November 16 Teams Agenda, Minutes
December 7 Teams Agenda, Minutes
February 15 Teams Agenda
March 15 Teams Agenda
April 19 Teams Agenda
May 3 Teams Agenda

2020-21 Roster

Name, Title College/School
Term Expires
Berges, John
Letters and Science
Biological Sciences
Britton, Marcus
Associate Professor
Letters and Science
Choi, Woonsup
Associate Professor
Letters and Science
Ebert, Josh
Senior Database Administrator
University Information Technology Services 2021
Evans, Christine
Associate Professor
Letters and Science
Guilbault, Craig
Letters and Science
Mathematical Sciences
Heintzkill, Reed
PhD Student
Engineering & Applied Science
Electrical Engineering
Kako, Peninnah
Associate Professor
Nursing 2021
Popp, Richard
Associate Professor
Letters and Science
Ridgway, Nicole
Adjunct Associate Professor
Arts (Peck School)
Art & Design
Schutz, Aaron
Educational Policy & Community Studies
Sherman, Jason
Associate Professor
Letters and Science
Velie, Ellen
Public Health (Zilber School) 2021
Zell, Mo
Associate Professor
Architecture and Urban Planning
Zhao, Jian
Associate Professor
Engineering and Applied Science
Civil Engineering
Fox, Erin
(ex officio)
Graduate School Academic Staff
GajdardziskaJosifovska, Marija
(ex officio)
Graduate School Dean
Hu, Ivy
(ex officio)
University Committee
Puskar, Jason
(ex officio)
Graduate School Associate Dean

Archived Agendas and Minutes

GFC meeting agendas and minutes from previous years are archived on the Secretary of the University Website.

Definition and Duties

Graduate Faculty Committee (UWM Policies and Procedures Chapter A3.05)

  1. Membership Twenty-four (24) members as follows:
    1. Twelve (12) faculty elected from among the Graduate Faculty from the divisions of Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Professions, and Social Sciences. At least two faculty members must serve from each of these four divisions, and no more than one member may serve from any one department or non-departmentalized school or college. Faculty members are elected to staggered, three-year terms, and no member may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms or portions thereof. Elected members of the committee should reflect the range of disciplinary competencies in the university and represent the schools and colleges insofar as the size of the committee allows.
    2. The three (3) faculty chairs of the Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC), the Graduate Program Review Committee (GPR), and the Graduate Student Fellowships Committee (GSF).
    3. Two (2) graduate student members appointed annually by the Student Association. Student members must be currently enrolled graduate students and both members must not come from the same school or college.
    4. Two (2) members of academic staff are appointed annually by the Academic Staff Committee from among those whose work is pertinent to graduate education or research or to the administration of graduate programs.
    5. Ex-officio members shall include the chair of the Research Policy Advisory Committee (RPAC) or delegate; a member of the University Committee; the dean, one associate dean, and a staff person from the Graduate School.
    6. GFC elects its chair for the following year from among its faculty membership at its March meeting. By May of that year, the chair-elect designates a vice-chair elect. The chair-elect and the vice-chair elect assume their full, one-year duties on August 1.
    7. The chair or the chair’s representative sits on the APBC, RPAC, and PEC committees, in order to have the information necessary for chairing the GFC and to inform those committees of GFC actions. The chair communicates as needed with the Faculty Senate, the University Committee, the Secretary of the University, graduate program representatives, and the various deans and associate deans.
    8. GFC meets at least once a month during the academic year, and on request of the dean of the Graduate School or of five (5) GFC committee members.
    9. GFC has the authority to declare vacant the seat of those committee members who fail to attend three (3) regular meetings in an academic year
  2. Functions
    1. Advises the dean of the Graduate School on all academic and administrative issues that pertain to graduate education.
    2. Formulates and reviews policies concerning UWM graduate programs.
    3. Considers general policy recommendations from GCC, GPR, and GSF pertaining to their areas of governance. The Graduate Faculty Committee reviews and approves all general policies that apply across graduate programs.
    4. Establishes criteria for membership in the Graduate Faculty of the university.
    5. Reviews Graduate School regulations and requirements with general application to student admission, continuation, and graduation, and the academic operation of UWM graduate programs. Based on this review, the committee recommends appropriate changes for dissemination through sources such as the Graduate School website, the Graduate School Bulletin and the Graduate Student and Faculty Handbook.
    6. Reviews policies and procedures affecting graduate student assistantships, fellowships, awards and any other sources of funding, and advocates for fair and competitive levels of graduate student compensation and workload.
    7. Reviews policies and procedures at all levels of the university that impact graduate student success, such as those related to health and wellbeing, funding for graduate study, diversity, professional development, retention and completion, and campus safety. GFC will make recommendations to governance committees, administrative offices, or academic units as appropriate.
    8. Undertakes investigations into larger and more complex issues pertaining to graduate study recommended by its own members, by GCC, GPR, or GSF, or by the administration of the Graduate School.
    9. Designate two members who will serve, if needed, on a Graduate Assistant Appeals Panel for Step Three grievance proceedings, as described the Graduate Assistant Employment Grievance Procedure.

    (Document 2563, 3/15/07; UWM Administration approval, 5/11/07)
    (Document 2780, 4/21/11; UWM Administration approval, 5/2/11)

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