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What is gradSERU?

GradSERU is a survey instrument developed by the SERU Consortium to assess Graduate Student Experience in the Research University. UWM was invited to participate in the survey because it was named one of the top, “R1” institutions of higher education and research in the United States.

On our campus, the study seeks a holistic understanding of the graduate student experience at UWM. The purpose is to enable institutional self-improvement and building of UWM’s research capacities in support of its R1 status. By gathering this data, we will be able to compare the experience of UWM graduate students to peer R1 research institutions, helping us get a better view of how our students’ experience follows similar trends across other campuses, and where we differ. It will also offer us a chance to learn what is working well, and in what areas we may need to focus more attention.

Further information about the gradSERU Consortium and the development of the survey instrument can be found here:

About the Survey Design

Questions on the gradSERU Survey are divided into five parts. These include curricular experiences, co-curricular experiences (including public/community service), research experiences, teaching experiences and professional development (including employment and internships in business and government), personal life and conditions (including financial resources and external commitments), and the social life and conditions in which students pursue their degrees. At UWM, we are also interested in the food security of our graduate students, and a handful of “campus wildcard” questions are focused on this.

Data Uses and Importance

The survey reflects the importance of understanding and seeking improvements in graduate education in an era of increased global competition for talent. Similar to reforms in undergraduate education, there is a global movement to improve the structure and quality of graduate programs. In the Unites States, the problems of doctoral student attrition and time to the doctorate as well as post-graduation career opportunities and choices have generated renewed interest within the academic community, university leaders, and American society about the purpose and structure of graduate education.

SERU Consortium campuses use GradSERU as a tool for the evaluation of their graduate programs, enhanced by the ability to benchmark data at the discipline level with other participating SERU campuses in the survey. A key objective is to provide longitudinal data that can be used as a catalyst for discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of graduate programs and support to graduate education on campus, as well as research and policy analysis that may be important to all.


Over 1,400 UWM graduate students participated in the gradSERU survey allowing us to gathering statistically meaningful data regarding the graduate student experience. If you are interested in viewing the survey questions or the results of the survey you can find them at the following links:

Survey Questions

Survey Results

Questions and Resources

Thank you to all of UWM’s graduate students who participated in this survey! By gathering this data, we will be able to compare the experience of our students to our peer, R1 research institutions across the nation. This gives us a chance to learn what is important to you, what is working well, and how we can improve our support to your research and your success. Your input will help shape the future of UWM.

Responses to the survey will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be identified with individual students. The survey takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. We realize that is quite a lot of time to devote to a survey, but we believe the effort will be rewarded at the collective level, if we are able to address how to improve the graduate student experience and research potential by identifying strategic ways to support students and programs.

If you have questions about the gradSERU survey, please feel free to contact Assistant Dean Erin Fox or come over to the UWM Graduate School Office, Mitchell Hall RM 261, 3203 N. Downer Ave. Milwaukee.