Receiving Your Diploma via eShipGlobal

You can choose to have your diploma shipped via eShipGlobal. This option is trackable and will allow you to receive your diploma within 3-5 days through your choice of DHL, UPS, or FedEx. There is an additional cost for choosing this option, which you will be required to pay at the time of the request.

To request express shipment of your diploma, please read the information below.

  • Graduate Student Services will only accept requests for express shipment that are placed through eShipGlobal. You must use the eShipGlobal website to place your request. Do not go through the DHL or FedEx website directly.
  • All communication will go through the eShipGlobal service, which will notify us of your request.
  • There is an additional cost for using this service, and it will be your responsibility to pay this cost.
  • You may request shipment to either a domestic or foreign address. If your requested documents will be sent to someone else’s address, please include the name of the person who lives at that address.
  • Please pay close attention to the information submitted, as errors in the credit card information or submitting incorrect or incomplete address information will result in a delay in the shipping of your diploma.

To request express shipment of your diploma, please visit the following eShipGlobal Website. (This website works best with Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers.)

  • If you are new to eShipGlobal, you will need to create an account. This will require you to create a username and password. To get started, click on the “Sign Up” button under the Student/Scholar section.
  • After you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your account. Follow these instructions to complete the activation process.
  • Once your account has been activated, log in to place your request.
  • On the “Get Started” screen, click the “Receive” link.
  • On the “Choose University” screen, select “Wisconsin” from the state drop-down box and then select “University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee” from the list of universities.
  • Under “Department Selection,” make sure to select “Graduate School” as this is where your diploma will be shipped from.
  • On the “Confirm Address” screen, verify that your delivery address is correct.
  • In the “Reference/Comments” field, type “Diploma”.
  • On the “Select Carrier” screen, choose which delivery service you would like to use.
  • Under “Confirm Payment”, type in your payment information.
  • Confirm your request.

If your mailing address changes after the time you first enter your information into eShipGlobal (i.e. you want your document sent somewhere else), you must log in to eShipGlobal to update your information.