Doctoral student from Iran finds a home at UWM and in Wisconsin

Ali Bakhshinejad ran a business with his brother in Iran, but he had an itch to travel and learn. That curiosity wanderlust led to a master’s degree in Iceland and a doctorate in engineering at UWM.

At UWM, he threw himself into research and entrepreneurism. The Student Startup Challenge and I-Corps program fed his business mind, and his research could lead to better treatment for brain aneurysms.

Knowing no one at UWM when he arrived, Bakhshinejad wasn’t sure how he’d feel. He was thrilled to find acceptance and encouragement.

“That was huge for me, and it’s still huge, how people respect you, how they treat you here at UWM,” Bakhshinejad said.

And now? He’s considering a few job offers. And he’s found a home in Wisconsin, where he intends to stay.

Watch the YouTube video.

Originally published May 18, 2018 in UWM Report.