Conservation and Environmental Sciences

School/College: College of Letters and Science

No Graduate Degree Conferred: Courses Only

Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes is a list of classes offered by term.


Courses numbered 300-699 are Undergraduate/Graduate. Courses numbered 700 and above are Graduate only.

451 Field Methods in Conservation. 3 cr. U/G.
Introduction to methods, techniques and tools for natural area management, including plant/animal surveys, vegetation/habitat description, and incorporating hands-on experience. 2 hr lec, 3 hrs lab. Jointly offered with and counts as repeat of Bio Sci 451. Prereq: jr st; Bio Sci 310(P) or equiv or cons instr.

461 The Politics and Policy of Sustainability. 3 cr. U/G.
Principles of environmental policy, governance, and management for global sustainability. CES 461, FrshWtr 461, & Global 461 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: jr st; CES 210(P) or cons instr.

471 Practicum in Natural Resources Management. 4 cr. U/G.
Preparation and presentation of a natural resource or environmental management plan for a real-world client. 3 hrs lec, 1 hr dis. Prereq: sr st; Bio Sci 310(P); declared CES major; or cons instr.

515 Environmental Law for Natural Resource Managers. 3 cr. U/G.
Overview of United States environmental and natural resource law. Counts as repeat of CES 499 with same topic. Prereq: jr st or cons instr.

550 Introduction to Science Interpretation. 3 cr. U/G.
Concepts and practices of presenting science information for audience understanding of impact of science on daily life. Interpretation techniques for science content in nonformal settings. Prereq: jr st; CES 210(P) or cons instr.

551 Application of Science Interpretation. 3 cr. U/G.
Building upon CES 550, application of skills and knowledge to interdisciplinary environmental issues. Prereq: jr st; CES 550(P).

651 Principles of Stream Management and Restoration. 3 cr. U/G.
Stream management and restoration, open-channel hydraulics, stream geomorphology, stable channel design, sediment transport, and in-stream aquatic ecology and riparian corridor habitats. Prereq: jr st; Bio Sci 310(P) or equiv; Math 211(P) or equiv; or cons instr.