Accelerated Master’s Degrees

Bright, highly motivated students with clear academic goals can capitalize on UWM’s prestigious designation as a top-tier “R1” research university. In accelerated master’s degrees, students can fast-track their graduate studies by starting their master’s degree before completing their bachelor’s. Accelerated master’s degrees can save up to a full year of enrollment and tuition. Some students can graduate with both degrees in as few as five years. Accelerate your career at Milwaukee’s premier research university today!


  • Join gifted students in a rigorous curriculum
  • Graduate with your master’s degree up to a year earlier
  • Save tuition by combining requirements
  • Enjoy continuity of instruction with familiar teachers
  • Launch your career sooner
  • Earn more with a master’s degree

How It Works

Most programs require that students:

  • Indicate their intention to pursue an accelerated master’s
  • Meet minimum requirements, such as GPA and prerequisites
  • Complete most general education requirements prior to graduate work
  • Enroll in designated graduate courses that double count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Apply early for Graduate School
  • Complete required coursework to finish both undergraduate and graduate degrees

Each accelerated master’s degree pairs a single undergraduate degree with a single graduate degree.

Eligibility, double counting, and application procedures differ. See individual programs for details.

Accelerated master’s degrees at UWM

This is a sample of how requirements from two degrees can be double counted in an accelerated master’s degree. Actual requirements can differ from program to program. Some programs combine more requirements, and others fewer. See accelerated master’s degrees overview for details.