Alzheimer’s Association profiles PhD student for International Women’s Day

Psychology PhD student Lisa Taxier

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In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, the Alzheimer’s Association of Wisconsin profiled the research of UWM psychology Professor Karyn Frick and PhD student Lisa Taxier, who earned her MS in Psychology at UWM in 2018. Using a mouse model, they seek to understand how sex, estrogens, and APOE4 genotype—the one most commonly associated with late-onset Alzheimer’s—influence memory and the morphology and function of neurons in brain regions affected by the disease.

“I’m very interested in memory in general,” Lisa said in the profile. “Memory is what makes us human, so understanding how memories are formed is a crucial field. Memory is destroyed in dementia and in a way takes humanity away.”

Lisa won the first UWM Three-Minute Thesis competition in 2018, earned a 2018-19 Graduate Student Excellence Fellowship, and received a Graduate Research Scholarship from the American Psychological Foundation in September 2020.