Alum’s writing about teaching anthropology of food appears in Anthropology News

Angela Glaros
Alum Angela Glaros, a 1998 UWM Anthropology MS graduate, and her colleague, Mariah Slaughter, try to blend anthropological theory with a hands-on approach in the classroom. They discuss their experiences April 2 in Anthropology News:

“In spring 2019, I taught a brand-new course called “Consuming Culture: The Anthropology of Food.” My intent was to combine anthropological theory on the relationship between food and culture with a hands-on approach, and also to take advantage of the recent explosion of food media, from the late Anthony Bourdain’s acclaimed television shows to PinXterest recipes to the Great British Baking Show.

“Our class met twice a week in a traditional classroom; however, we were conveniently located next door to our department kitchen, which offered a sink, a microwave, and some counter space for hands-on exercises. I had been fortunate, too, to get a copy of Willa Zhen’s new Food Studies: A Hands On Guide, which was designed to offer exercises that don’t require a full working kitchen or lab space. Students also completed a recipe project during the semester.”
Read the April 2, 2020 article in Anthropology News. .