Alum’s organization ‘committed to disrupting systemic oppression’

Monique Liston (UWM PhD, Urban Education, 2017; Graduate Certificate, Women’s studies, 2014). Images: portrait from LinkedIn ; logo and background image from .

UBUNTU Research and Evaluation is a consulting firm run by Black women, femmes and non-binary folks whose mission is to help businesses and organizations develop a sustainable and equitable framework. Founded by Dr. Monique Liston (UWM PhD, Urban Education, 2017; Graduate Certificate, Women’s studies, 2014) in early 2017, UBUNTU’s work consists of evaluating programs in order to provide equitable opportunities for the historically oppressed, designing curriculum to promote critical thinking and analytical skills, facilitating focus groups, and advising organizational leaders and educators to actively work against anti-Blackness and other systemic oppressions. While they are a Milwaukee-based organization, they have contracts everywhere from Nebraska to California to Florida to Washington state.

  • Originally appeared March 22 in the Shepherd Express .
  • On its website , Ubuntu describes its people as “transdisciplinary strategists committed to disrupting systemic oppression through evaluation, facilitation, and education.”

Learn about the Urban Education Doctoral Program at UWM.

Liston originally started the organization to house research she had done as a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“I was finishing up my dissertation, and my research was on the dignity of boys and men of color in the city of Milwaukee, so I engaged the community in all kinds of aspects,” she says. “I started hearing of people using my work but not referencing me (laughs). I realized that people respect organizations more than they do people.”

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