Alumni Association award winner builds community through dance

Gerald Casel (MFA, Dance, 2007). Images: Stills from UWM video .

Learn about the Dance MFA program at UWM.

An award-winning artist, Gerald Casel (MFA, Dance, 2007) loves to see people moving through space, moving others in the process.

Passionate about using dance to create empathy and understanding, he credits UWM for giving him the skills to express this passion through his pedagogy and way he structures his courses as an associate professor of dance at the University of California-Santa Cruz.

Casel founded Dancing Around Race , a social practice working group that explores racial equity initiatives in dance—something he also addresses in his latest project, Not About Race Dance, which won a prestigious National Dance Project Production Grant.

Casel received a distinguished alumni achievement award at the 2022 UWM Alumni Association Awards.

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