Global Security

This track examines the changing conceptions and conditions shaping global security. In addition to exploring traditional notions of security based on the nation-state and the international system, coursework in this track considers a wide range of issues including global health, the environment, human rights, peace-building efforts, 21st century conflict, social movements, migration, ethnicity, and identity. The Global Security track will prepare students for careers relevant to various aspects of global conflict management and/or sustainability, such as those in government agencies and diplomacy, non-profit organizations, international organizations, and the public policy community.

Students may enroll in the Global Studies degree program by declaring their major as Global Studies, which is possible after they have earned 56 credits. The simple process includes: (1) reviewing the degree requirements with an advisor, and (2) signing the Declaration of Major Form. Students who intend to pursue a Global Studies degree are strongly advised to declare before earning 75 credits.

Curriculum Sheet