Global Communications

The Global Communications track focuses on the relevance of language, culture, and identity in understanding innovations in and applications of technology, media, communications, information science and technology transfer. This track will allow students to build technical competencies while also grounding them in a broader understanding of technology’s impact on human lives. This track affords a range of options that allow students to prepare for careers in fields such as marketing, international business, advertising, information technology, new media, and translation.

Students who complete 21 or more of their elective credits in the School of Information Studies (SOIS) will have their Global Studies degree jointly awarded by the College of Letters and Science and SOIS.

Students may enroll in the Global Studies degree program by declaring their major as Global Studies, which is possible after they have earned 56 credits putting them at junior standing. The simple process includes: (1) reviewing the degree requirements with a Global Studies advisor, and (2) signing the Declaration of Major Form. Students who intend to pursue a Global Studies degree are strongly advised to declare before earning 75 credits.

Curriculum Sheet