Global Studies Minor

The Global Studies Minor provides an integrated international education experience incorporating Global Studies Courses, study abroad, foreign language, and internationally focused studies. It is a particularly attractive option for students wishing to add a global perspective to their major, no matter what it may be.

Students in any major except International Studies may complete the Global Studies Minor, which enables them to integrate language study, overseas study, and coursework on globalization into their academic programs.

The Global Studies Minor requires completion of 18 credits.

Global Studies Minor Curriculum (PDF)


Total Global Studies Credits

At least 18 credits

Core Courses (6 credits selected from)
  • Global 101 - Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics (SS)
  • Global 201 - Introduction to Global Studies II: Economics and the Environment (SS)
  • Global 202 - Introduction to Global Studies III: Globalization and Information Technology (SS)
Foreign Language Requirement (3+ credits)

At least four university-level semesters of a single foreign language are required. Retrocredits may be used to fulfill this requirement. (Note that a placement test must be taken and at least one 3-credit, university-level foreign language course must be completed successfully in order to earn retrocredits, according to foreign language departmental requirements.)

Study Abroad (3 credits)

At least 3 credits of an overseas academic experience, or an internship outside of the U.S. approved by a Global Studies advisor, are required.

Electives (6 credits)
  • 6 credits from approved electives list
Additional Requirements

No more than 9 credits from another major, minor, or certificate program may be counted toward the Global Studies minor.

Exit Survey

The program also requires students to complete an exit survey prior to graduation. See the Global Studies information in the Inter-School/College section of the catalog for details on completion of the exit survey.

GPA Requirement

The Global Studies Minor requires that students take at least 9 credits in upper-level (numbered 300 and above) courses, and at least 9 credits taken in residence at UWM. The College requires that students attain at least a 2.000 GPA on all credits in the minor, including any transfer work.