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Global Water Modules, Ten Mini Courses

The Global Water Modules are free mini courses to provide interdisciplinary training and materials for faculty from all departments to incorporate water modules into their existing classes. The Modules offer a structure through which to achieve academic and professional training in international water issues and cutting-edge solutions, including four fundamental priorities: internationalization of the curriculum, new interdisciplinary academic courses, local and global business partnerships, and professional development activities. It includes development and dissemination of 10 mini courses for faculty in global water issues. The 10 mini courses for faculty are freely available to all UWM departments at all UW-System campuses. The faculty can freely use the materials to add to their courses.

The Global Water Modules are vetted and modifiable learning modules for faculty. They are to be used to enhance faculty learning, explore resources, incorporate global water security, and connect local with global water issues in courses. The modules were conceptualized and developed by Jenny Kehl, PhD.

They are made possible by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, National Resource Center, Center for International Education, Global Studies, and International Studies.

Please contact NRC, CIE, GS, IS, or Jenny Kehl. The module series includes:

Module 1: Introduction to Global Water

Module 2: Water and Equity
Part 1: Equity Issues: The Poor Pay More

Module 3: Water and Equity
Part 2: Equity Issues: Who owns the water?

Module 4: Water and Food Security

Module 5: Water and Energy Security

Module 6: Water Security in MENA
Part 1: Introduction and Nile Basin

Module 7: Water Security in MENA
Part 2: Yemen and Iraq

Module 8: Water and Global Health

Module 9: Examples of Water Wars

Module 10: Global Water Careers