With the cancellation of spring and summer study and internship abroad programming due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be thinking about ways to have or continue your global experience from home. While travel may not be an option right now, below you will find a list of opportunities this summer to intern abroad – virtually! Also, please check the CIE Study Abroad website for the most up-to-date information.

Internship in Panama during Covid-19 – A Photo Essay

Digital Essay Panama

PDF Document Internship in Panama during the time of Covid-19 – A Photo Essay

Global Remote Internship Options*

Low Cost or No Fee Alternative Options

  • New Local, virtual internship program through the Commons – The Internship Relief Program
  • Saha Global – Is offering shorter term, remote internships to students to work on a variety of projects. Note the hours estimated for these projects do not meet the requirements for the internship courses, however, if you are interested in gaining work experience in international development, water issues, the UN Sustainability goals, Africa, women’s empowerment, or small business development, Saha may provide a terrific entry point and an impressive resume line. For more information contact Christine at
    • Community Meeting Agenda Landscape (10 hours) We want to understand what Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) organizations OR other last-mile service practitioners currently utilize water delivery as part of their operations, and what industry best-practice looks like. This will help our customer care team improve community/Saha relations.What we want:Specific focus on rural WASH providers should be prioritized. Try to find recent innovations in community-level communications. They could be technological, behavioral, or cultural. Take a look at other solutions in this area. Which ones worked? Which ones didn’t? Are there any that feel similar to what Saha might design? Who are a dream line-up of expert interviews to arrange to learn more?
    • Existing Financial Trainings for the Rural Poor Research (10 hours) What are best practices/tools we can use for business and basic math training for our entrepreneurs? We find that, while entrepreneurs are comfortable carrying out daily transactions at the businesses, financial planning with longer time-horizons can be more challenging. We would like to develop a curriculum to help entrepreneurs budget, save, and adjust pricing according to changes in business inputs. Before doing this, we would like to know:Are there any existing courses or tools for first-time small business owners operating in contexts similar to rural norther Ghana?If any work with a proven track record has been done focusing on illiterate businesses owners Are there any recent innovators or disruptors in this area (recent prestigious grant – awardees, exciting papers published, etc)What works? What doesn’t? Who are a dream line-up of expert interviews to arrange to learn more?
  • The Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research at UWM is finding and creating remote service opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. There is a new webpage on their website specifically for these opportunities, which will be updated weekly. Depending on the opportunity, it may be possible to earn internship credit.

Please check the CIE Study Abroad website for more virtual program information.

Global Studies students complete their required internships at locations around the world, in a diverse number of fields. Click on the interactive map below to learn more about previous internship locations.

International Internship Examples

International internships are encouraged for all students (not just Global Studies students) looking to gain valuable overseas work experience. Students often cite their internships as the most impactful experience of their college career.



Below are some examples of internship portfolios submitted by students who enrolled in the Global Studies international internship course (see the Global 488/489 syllabus for more information)

Finding an Internship

If you are a Global Studies student, it is a degree requirement that you complete an internship overseas (i.e. outside of the US), for 3 credits. Your advisor will guide you through the process of identifying career fields that are of interest, and suggest some strategies for conducting your internship search.

All students interested in international internship opportunities should start by reviewing the Career Resources page and reading some tips from past Global Studies interns.

Internship Organization Leads
Note: Comprehensive information and advising on international internship site leads is available exclusively to Global Studies and International Studies majors. For more information and for access, please contact Jeremy Booth ( or Christine Wolf (

Travel Registration

Global Studies students who are completing an overseas internship must complete this registration form before traveling abroad.

Travel Registration Form

Internship Details

Note that if you are arranging your internship independently and seeking academic credit from UWM, you must work through CIE’s Study Abroad application process to obtain pre-departure orientation and advising and obtain mandatory UW System health insurance.

For more information about Study Abroad, visit the Center for International Education’s Study Abroad page.